Monday, September 30, 2013

Operation Project $0: Day 21 COATS COATS COATS!!!!

OK, maybe that should only be two 'COATS' since I have only managed to sew up 2 this month.  But I sewed up TWO coats this month - boooYAW!  And both of these beauties fit into my month-long sewing for as close to $0 as possible - a little endeavor I've named Operation Project $0.

The first is the newly released Elenora Tea Coat PDF Pattern by Amelie&Henri.  I think this coat is adorable!!!  I was able to test this pattern which means FREE pattern - check.  The brick red outer fabric is an old sheet that my husband somehow managed to wear a hole through with his feet. (Seriously, who does that????  A huge hole in an Egyptian cotton sheet caused only by his toes?!?!?  Whatever, it resulted in this coat - so he is forgiven ;op)  The lining and sash are from leftover fabric from a quilt I started over 5 years ago.  I am NOT a quilter... I love clothing because I can see immediate results... quilting takes FOREVER.  My least favorite part about sewing is cutting - and quilting is ALL about cutting.  So I spent weeks designing a quilt, cutting all the itty bitty triangles and squares and sewing some of the mid sized triangles together and then put it all in a show box - and there is will probably remain until the end of time.
Back to the adorable-ness that is the Elenora Tea Coat - Soooo cute, zero smackers- done and done!

Anyway - this coat is perfect for fall... the bodice is lined so your little one will get some added warmth for the crisp fall days that are upon us.  The little button details and the sash add great style.  You could easily pair this with a leather or skinny belt for a different look.  No matter what -  you'll have a mini fashionista on your hands ;o)
This is my favorite shot!!!!

Into The Woods.... (I know, I know, I just can't help myself ;op)

The second coat is the Bova Coat by Apple and Fig. (You can read my pattern review HERE)

This one is for B, who needs much more of a wardrobe this year than A.  He has always been bigger - but this summer he shot up a couple inches and has kept his broad shoulders and muscular frame, placing him solidly in the 3-4 size range - except not for pants.... He just can't wear store bought pants anymore unless they are stretchy.  He needs a 3 for height, but he is only 2 and still in a diaper, and has a bubble butt - 3's are made for potty trained Boys who have slimmed down or are just built like bean polls.  Good thing mama can sew for him!  You'll get a gimps of his rocking jeans that I made him in these photos - but I'll tell you all about them later on (yeah, they are $0 too).
The outer layer of my Bova is a blue wool that my sister sent me last year when I started this whole idea.  It is left over from her diaper/soaker making days and I was ecstatic when it showed up on my door step out of the blue.  The lining is actually left over fabric from the curtain panels my mom used to make the boys fitted sheets for their nursery when they were first born.  $0 amazing Fall coat for my little man - YES PLEASE!!!!

*Oh and my husband gave me the best compliment on this one...
Hubs:  'these clothes you are making look like they came out of a period movie set...'
Me: 'ummmmm, ok?'
Hubs: 'No, they are really cool... not like the Elmo stuff you can get at Target... you can't find the things you are making in stores here.'
Me:  (melted pool of adoration)

We don't have a whole lot of options for shopping here in PA, and while I know I could find things on-line, the price tags and our budget don't coincide.  I'm one of those moms who just doesn't like the 'character' stuff... and I know one day soon their begging will veto my style... but until then, I get to have fun ;o)

Keep adding those images to the Flickr Group - I'll do a round up on Wednesday!!!!


  1. I love both the jackets and I totally agree with your husband! Costuming is so full of amazing details and I have ALWAYS wanted to be a costume designer, so that is a compliment!

  2. I love both coats. The pic of Mack Mack pushing on the trees just reminded me of Samson-- maybe you shouldn't cut her hair!! The one in the woods was a little scary with the wolf in the background, even if I know it's photo shopped! Beckett looks smashing in his new blue coat and a little like he's in the Revolutionary war. I see where Jules' comment is coming from, but am so glad that he appreciates what you do. Great Job.

  3. Very nice! Your kids are very stylish... especially for central PA! :)

  4. suz, these are FANTASTIC! these photos make my heart melt!! i miss your kiddos!! (and you, of course!)

  5. Both jackets are so cute. I LOVE the blue one.