Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whatnot: Family Reunion #1

(from left to right: J, R, Uncle Mike, Auntie Kes, littleA, Crazy Uncle Jon, AK, Auntie Erica, B, Jules, baby girl, Me, A)

Families come in all shapes and sizes, some are wrapped up all pretty, and some are scuffed around the edges.  No two families are exactly the same and no family is perfect.  But no matter the differences between us all, I LOVE my family more than words can say!!!

I haven't seen my sister in 2 years -yep years, that says YEARS!!!!  There is no rift between us, we love each other like...well yeah, like sisters ;o)  We'll just call it a 'series of unfortunate events' that has kept us apart (Oh, I'm not supposed to refer to my pregnancies as unfortunate... well...).  To sum it up, I got pregnant, my sister made travel plans, she got pregnant, travel plans got canceled.  I had babies and started figuring out travel plans, I got pregnant AGAIN, and all travel plans were off the table.  We live 14 hours apart.  So to say I was excited to see her would be an understatement.

I have also only seen my brother once in the last two years, and that was for about 6 hours 2 weeks after the boys were born - he was leading a mission trip to somewhere in PA, hopped on the Mega bus, spent the day with me, hopped back on the bus and resumed his regularly scheduled programming.  We don't call him 'Crazy Uncle Jon' for nothing (well there is that and the fact that there is a second uncle Jon and we have to keep them straight somehow).

Family reunions are an amazing thing - they bring people together, they seep laughter, and they can be wildly unpredictable.  There are somehow never enough hours in the day, never enough days, and never enough rounds of settlers played!  But through stolen moments, five minute conversations, and hugs to cover the year ahead - the family grows closer and recommits its love for one another.


(Nana with all SEVEN of her grandkids - 5 new ones in 14 months time)

gorgeous little AK

(Crazy Uncle Jon's beautiful family)

'I'm swimming naked in the paddling pool!!!'


  1. So glad to see you after so long too, beautiful little sister. The pics are great! Love the boys in the pool and AK!

    1. I love that in the group shots your kids are all perfectly looking and smiling - so well trained ;o) It was too short of a trip, but I promise we wont let it be that long ever ever again!!!!