Thursday, May 7, 2015

Making the Real Deal Jeans SKINNIES

Hello Blogland - in case you have been on vacation in a world with no internet, or hiding under a rock; let me introduce you to The Real Deal Jeans - part of the Women's BundleUP! collection organized by Pattern Revolution.

The Real Deal Jeans are my 8th pattern for women - and they certainly put all my patience and abilities to the test.  I grew a lot in designing this pattern - and all of my testers deserve a medal of honor for participating in the 6 week testing process.

Now the pattern is a straight let design - I went with a straight leg for two reasons. 1) There were already a few skinnies available on the market, and 2)I feel that a straight leg is the most versatile for varying body shapes and for being able to adapt to different styles.

Today, I am sharing a quick tutorial from my amazing tester, Emily, who adapted her RDJ into skinnies.


  1. First, sew up your pattern all the way until you are about to attach the waistband.
  2. Now, try on the pants inside out.
  3. Using straight pins or safety pins, mark from mid thigh down to the hem along the outseam.  You want to make sure that you are following the curves of your leg, but don't pin so snugly that you can't comfortably move.  Make sure to mark where you want the bottom of your hem to be as well. *Skinny jeans are typically hemmed just below the ankle bone.
  4. Take the pants off and lay them on your cutting surface.
  5. Using a straight edge and a marking utensil, follow the line of your pins to create a sewing line and hem line.
  6. Cut your jeans 1.5 inches below your hem line.

  7. Stitch along your new outseam marking line and trim off your excess fabric.
  8. Hem the bottom of your jeans as described in the pattern.
  9. Finish up the waistband and fall in love with your new skinnies!!!!
Now don't miss out on buying the BundleUP! collection and sewing up your own Real Deal Jeans.  Share all your creations with me on Winter Wear Designs Fun.

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Real Deal Jeans

The Real Deal Jeans have now released!!!!!  These are amazing with so many variations for how to make them awesome and perfect for you.  Grab them at a once in a lifetime deal as a part of the Women's BundleUP!

This fabulous floral twill is from Girl Charlee

I'll be sharing some variations for you here on the blog so that once you get your first pair or two made, you can start playing around with them.

One of the first variations I want to share is how to get that super cool worn out and distressed look that you see in all the stores and on all the fashion pages.  This takes a bit of time, but is fully worth the final product.

One of my Amazing Testers, Tanu, distressed this pair of shorts, and we all fell in love.  So she wrote up a tutorial for you-  the tutorial covers frayed holes and 'worn' distressing.  But she mentioned some other tips in our group that I will list below.


Other tips:
To get a crinkled seam -  This takes prior planning!  Take the edges of your pattern piece (back pockets or back yoke and dampen them with water or a mix of water and startch.  If you have a pleater, pleat just the edges of the fabric where you want the wrinkling to be, and leave it to dry and set for 12-24 hours.  *If you do not have a pleater - which most of us probably dont, run a gathering stitch along your seam allowance and pull it tight.  Set some heavy weights on top of the edge and let dry for 12-24 hours.*  Once the wrinkles are dry and set, run some sand paper over the ridges before you unpleat/ungather the fabric.  Now when you sew the seams together you will have a great wrinkled seam just like the professionals do.

To fray the hem - For this you can follow the tips in Tanu's tutorial - you just wont be working on a square section, you will be working on the bottom edge of your shorts/capris.  Using your seam ripper, slowly unpick the horizontal threads around the hem line.  Work out thread by thread until you have the length of fraying that you would like.

I hope you have fun playing with these techniques, and make sure to share all your creations with me on FaceBook.