Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bundle Up Boys - for GIRLS!?!?!?!?

As you all know, I've been busy getting my Aviator Pants pattern out for the Bundle Up Boy Collection.  Since I have 2 boys, I LOVE that I am getting to make all these cute things for my boys to head off to school in next week.  But that leaves a very sad miss (not that she doesn't get enough sewing on a regular basis).
So often what I sew for my daughter is a dress, or semi frilly tunic top, or a skirt that I then have to make matching bloomers to go with.  I try to make her clothes that she can play in, and that are practical.... but I keep getting sucked in by gorgeous patterns and photography, and she ends up with outfits that she only wear a couple times before she outgrows.
It hit me as I was organizing the sample team to review and sew up the collection, that really every single on of these patterns works for girls.  And aside from fitted leggings, these patterns cover every element of clothing that my daughter wears on a daily basis in fall and winter.
Don't believe me..... take a look:

So far for Mack, I have made 2 Tee's Tees, 2 Shawl Collar Pullovers, and the Aviator Pants.  I have plans for many more.... and EPIC white pleather P51 flier is on my list (then she can match mama's pleather cropped jacket from Skirt Fixation)

Zee's Tee

A simple addition of a back placket and button gives more 'girl' appeal (it also fixes you mistake when you cut your neck band the wrong way on stretch too late at night - not that I would know ;op)

two upcycled shirts, and you instantly have Elsa, and a girl who won't stop singing "let it GOOOOOOO"

Shawl Collar

Stars and Stripes ;o)

Both stars fabrics are from L'Oiseau

I switched the tabs out for bows for a little extra flair

So what are you waiting for...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

WIllow & Co. - Camping we will go....

Willow & CO is a design collaboration that was started by Hayley of Mouse House Creations.  I love their patterns and I had the chance to sew some up for Pattern Revolution this week - speaking of which, you can head over there to win the ENTIRE collection!!!

But today, I'm entering these little cuties in Willow & CO's Back to School Contest - cause heck yeah, I want to win one of those prizes!!!!

For Asher, I sewed up the Kudzu Pants with a singe cargo pocket and a single back pocket - I liked the asymmetricality of it.  I paired it with the Half zip Hawthorn.  I upcycled all of these pieces, so I made some alterations to work with what I had.  My favorite changes were the contrast sleeve cap (that pop of color is so fun), and the thumb holes - he LOVES the thumb holes!

For Mack, I paired the clover shorts with the full zip Hawthorn.  I wanted to girly it up a little, so I added belt loops and a sash belt.  Just a little detail that can easily be omitted, but that is fun pop of whimsy.  The sash matches the collar and zipper facings.

I love both of these outfits, and the kids loved our pretend 'camping' excursion ;o)

The Aviator Pants: Gathered Cargo Pocket Tutorial

Want to add a more feminine pocket to your Aviators???  Try the gathered cargo pocket!

This is a really simple adaptation, and you can girly it up even more with a bow, decorative trim, or even a cute button.

The basic principal here is that straight lines tend to be more masculine and curved lines tend to lend an edge of femininity.

So take that rectangular cargo pocket piece and fold it in half.  We are going to trim off the bottom corners to create a gentle curve.  You can change the shape as much as you want, but I started 1 inch up from the bottom and created a soft curve.

Next You are going to sew the top exactly as it states in the instructions, making sure to press the side edges in as well.  I used a decorative stitch for a little extra something

Now, run a gathering stitch along the bottom curve of your pocket.

Place your pocket on the pants matching the marking with the bottom center of your pocket

Edge stitch around the pocket, make sure the bottom edge is turned under.  You can adjust your gathers to get the exact look you want.

Have you gotten your Aviator Pants yet?!?!?  Make sure you grab them during the BundleUP sale 8/22-8/29!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Boy's BundleUP! - Win It Before You Can Buy It!!!!

Guess what friends and family - and other random people on the internet who follow my blog (you know who you are and I love each of you!) - my next pattern is about to be released!!!!!
That's right, I have been secretly hard at work on a pattern for the next BundleUP sale, and this one is for BOYS!!!!! (You can win the WHOLE BUNDLE HERE!!!!!)

Introducing the Aviator Pants:

Let's go over the Details:
Size 18m-14 (and yep, the tween/teen scene love these)
Relaxed fit, but not baggy
Pants or Shorts
Pocket Options: Double Welt, 3D Cargo, and Front Slash Pocket
Contrasting Leg Triangle
Knit waist band with optional full elastic for those slim jims

Have a girl, don't feel left out - the Aviator Pants are just as perfect for girls (especially ones with attitude)!!!

If you don't think the pattern has enough options for you, there are also links to Aviator Pant Tutorials for: Zip Welts, Gathered Girly Cargo Pockets, and a Drawstring Waist.

And Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone, but I'm planning on releasing these for Women in my Fall/Winter collection.