Friday, August 23, 2013

Operation Project $0, 2013

That's right folks - Operation Project $0 is right around the corner and I have the most awesome line up of ladies who will be here sharing looks that they created for $0 (or as close to $0 as possible).  Operation Project $0 will run the whole month of September starting on September 2nd!

Check out this line up!
Frances Suzanne

You can read about the origination of Operation Project $0 HERE.

Now, last year my goal was to create a fall wardrobe for my boys and I ignored baby girl (well she was still so little and had TONS of clothes that people had given us and they boys had outgrown everything and were looking at a bare closet).  This year all three kiddos have some things that will transition into fall, but they all have holes in their wardrobe.  My goal this year for myself in Operation Project $0 is to identify those holes and fill them. So far this is what my list looks like...

Skinny Jeans for B
Regular Jeans for B
Long Sleeved T Shirts for both
PJs for both

Baby Girl:
Skinny Jeans
Coat (rain coat?)
Long Sleeved Tops
*I'm sure this list will change as I keep getting inspired by new things ;o)
One of my favorite things last year was creating an inspiration board for myself - it doesn't mean I will make all of those things, but it helps me have focus (and in the chaos that is my life, I NEED focus!).  On Monday, I will be sharing my inspiration boards for both the boys and baby girl - I'd love for you to link up your own inspiration posts too - because I love getting new inspiration!!!

I've been sewing ahead a little bit so here's a sneak peak of some of what you'll be seeing from me ;o)

I hope you'll join along and see what you can create for those you love in your life for $0!!!!

Week One:
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
Day Six
Day Seven
Day Eight
Day Nine
Day Ten


  1. So excited about it Suzanne!!! =D

  2. Can't wait!! Really must get mine finished :)

  3. What an awesome idea - I love to upcycle - can't wait to see these great creations!