Monday, August 12, 2013

The Skipper Top and an Announcement

I was so excited to get to test the Skipper Top from Sew Much Ado.  I really need to try the Seafarer at some point for myself, but since most of my sewing is for my three babies, this was the perfect thing for me to test.

First I love the casual style of this top - you can use a variety of knits and even upcycle.  With optional bands at the neck waist and arms and two different pockets, there is a world of variety packed into this one little top!

My first version was a quick upcycle of an old Tshirt - I love the 80's throw back feel of this one (I think it is the white leggings that make it  - these are the Lollipop Leggings by Peek-a-boo)

yep - it is a peanuts shirt - how stinking cut is that!

My second version used some of the new Riley Blake knits - so soft and comfy!!! I used a scrap of quilting cotton in my stash for the pocket and made some pants to match (ummm  I'm on a white pant kick, what can I say - these are the new Rosemary and Thyme pants by Stitchwerx)

Now speaking of Upcycles..... Be on the lookout for more info coming about this year's Operation: Project $0.  This was my first blogging series I ever tried last year and this year is going to be WAY cooler.  I have an amazing line up of awesome guest bloggers, and of course I want to see what you make for your kiddos too!  Now Project $0 doesn't have to be an upcycle, it just has to cost you as close to $0 to make... so put those thinking caps on and be on the lookout for some of my inspiration coming soon!!!  (Operation:Project $0, 2013 will run the month of September)



  1. You should get the Seafarer top. It is so perfect. I love it, and can't wait to try the Skipper top! Thanks for sharing.

  2. the top are cute! i love the thickness at the bottom & arms. please excuse my lack of sewing vernacular. also, um, is her hair getting a tad red??

  3. Oh my gosh! Love both versions... and those matching pants!? Great job momma!
    Can't wait for operation 0$...

  4. Super cute!! Lots of adorable clothes for M, lately! :)

  5. So sweet. I love both the tops the 80s is fun and the heart one is so tender. I am so excited for operation 0.
    With Love,

  6. Adorable! The Peanuts's fabric is spunky, and the blue is super sweet. Love both tops!

  7. The tops are absolutely adorable! (Adding 'find a girl to sew for ' to my to-do list)
    I am super excited for Project $0! I found your posts from last year so inspiring, we haven't bought many clothes for the boys in a while. (I have even been making their training pants!)