Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bundle UP!.... The Taylor Shorts and Piper Top

Ok, so today I am sharing a combo outfit!  The Taylor shorts paired with the Piper Top - and let me just say I have been wearing these shorts almost everyday since I made them, I think it is time to put them in the wash ;o)

The Taylor shorts run sizes 0-18, but if you are beyond an 18 - check your high hip, the top measurement is 51.5!!!!  I can actually size down one size from my street size in these, so read the size chart and trust it and cut the size it tells you to, if you are in the bigger sizes, you might be surprised!

I went with the longest length, the 8 inch inseam, hoping for a Bermuda short length - but they weren't quite long enough for when I like my Bermudas to hit.  So instead I decided to cuff them - which I LOVE.

Cuffing any pair of shorts is fairly easy... follow the hemming instructions, just make sure that when you sew in the hem, you sew almost the full 1/4 inch in from the edge that you originally turned under.  This way, when you turn them up to cuff them, your turned edge will natural fall below the wrong side of the fabric.  Press well, and if you want them to be permanent cuffs, tack them in place at the inseam and outseam.

This Piper Top I lovelovelovelovelove!!!!  The bow back is so pretty and different from other things I own.  I went with exactly my size based on the measurement chart and the fit is perfect - this is the XL.

I used lightweight knits from Girl Charlee for the perfect summer top.

What are you sewing up from the Bundle????  
Make sure to link up all your creations in order to WIN BIG!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Bundle UP!.... the Hip Hop Tank & Top

I whipped up this Hip Hop Top in about 40 minutes - it would have been way less, but my serger decided to start fighting me half way through and needed to be taught a lesson!

I love the versatility of this pattern!!!  This is probably the key thing I look for when buying a pattern.  You have High low tank, Tank with contrasting back, tank with tulip back, tank with button up back, and then you can add sleeves to all of the above!

I went with a sleeved version of the high low - I really need more basic tops, and between my casper white skin and not quite love of my arms, sleeves are good!

(*while this is not the Calla Lily skirt, it has a very similar drape - I think this top would look amazing with the Calla Lily, so now I need to make one!)

I went based on my measurements and made the Large.... perfect fit!

The cut of this is perfect on me, and you know you have done well when a horizontal stripe doesn't make you look wide.  *Now I was short on fabric but determined to make it work, so I switched directions to fit in my sleeves - this worked because the fabric has 4 way stretch*

If you are looking at dipping your toe into sewing for yourself, or extend your women's pattern collection; check out the Bundle UP! sale.  It only lasts until 6/27!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2014

What I've made from Bundle Up: Four Seasons Cardigan

The Bundle Up Sale is Live, and I'll be sharing some of the things I have made from the bundle ;o)

First up, the Four Seasons Cardigan by Everything Your Mama Made.
You can Read my full review HERE.

Stay tuned for more things coming this week ;o)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Does this make me officially a designer....????

That's right, tomorrow my very first women's pattern releases.  A pattern that is graded from XS-XXL, a pattern that went through full testing, a pattern that is MINE!  I really never thought that I would be here, and yet it seems that many other people did - and they kept quietly and gently nudging me in the right direction until it was so IN MY FACE that I couldn't ignore it any longer.  To those people (and I think they know who they are), I say Thank You!

Ok - before blubbery tears start falling through the computer screen.... let's get back to it.

My Pattern, Parisian Nights PJ's, is included as a free gift with any BundleUP! purchase June 20-27.  After July 10 it will be available individually for sale in my Etsy Shop.

I was lucky enough to score some amazing Girl Charlee fabric for my pattern and cover images.  This is quickly becoming my 'go to' shop for all knits - the variety is astounding, the quality is amazing, and the prices are divine!  This is what I used in this pattern:

  • Mint Green Triangle Arrows on Navy Blue Cotton Jersey
  • Ice Green Solid Cotton Jersey
  • Twighlight Purple Roses Stretch Lace
*Girl Charlee has the most wonderful customer service and they helped me perfectly coordinate these fabrics by checking the warehouse to make sure my knit and lace weren't going to clash.

Not only do I love how comfy these are to wear, but they are holding up so much better than many of my other PJ's, and the lace is my favorite detail!!!!!

Back to the bundle....I am so lucky to be in such talented company - and to have this opportunity to step out into the world of design.

And there is another freebie included with the bundle too - the ever talented Jodi of Jocole has made coloring book pages so that your kids can still be involved in your design process even if these clothes aren't for them.

And the BIGGEST news, is that there is an amazing giveaway connected.  Anyone who sews up something from the bundle will have the opportunity to enter to win a Serger and $100 gift card from Girl Charlee - say WHAT!!?!?!?!? Enter HERE

Friday, June 13, 2014

Win it Before You can Buy It!!!!!

Everybody's talking about the incredible Bundle UP sale coming to Pattern Revolution next week. If you're looking for all the details, you can find them HERE. If you've seen it, I bet you've already fallen in love with the bundle, so here's some great news-- you can enter to

Win it BEFORE You Can Buy it!

And YES - this bundle includes my first pattern for Women: the Parisian Nights PJ's

There are lots of ways to enter,  so only complete the tasks you wish to complete, but remember, the more you do, the better your odds of winning! The contest ends Friday night before the sale goes live. Best of luck!

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bohemian Babydoll Dress by Elegance and Elephants

I have loved Elegance and Elephants from the very first pattern she released last year, but I have to say this may be my new favorite!!

I love that the Bohemian Babydoll Dress has no closures, I love the high low bodice and skirt, I love the options for sleeveless or ruffled sleeve, and the options of tunic or dress.

I went with a tunic length with the ruffled sleeve - tunics are easier for us than dresses at this stage.  the climbing/running/falling down/jumping/chasing your brothers/believing you are invincible stage that is.  And ruffled sleeves are just too cute, and give a tiny bit extra sun coverage ;o)

And I love it on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I love this fabric - the whole combination is just perfect!

We will be making more of these for sure, and I am thinking of doing a couple in knit too - cause I just love knit.

Thanks Heidi for an amazing pattern an for just being awesome ;o)