Wednesday, February 26, 2014

U is for Underwear... Sew All 26

I am so excited to be a part of Katy's Sew All 26 Series over at No Big Dill.  I picked the letter U for a very specific reason...

...I am soon going to be potty training my twin boys - EEEEEEEKKKKK!  And that means I will need underwear - a LOT of underwear.
But, in looking at some great patterns for kid sized underoos, I found myself side tracked by Jocole's Basic Brief for women.  I looked at her pattern, and pretty example images, and I took a good look at my sad underwear drawer.
I'm going to be so unbelievably honest - the last time I got new underwear was when the boys were born - yep, three years ago.  I still have things in there from college - say what?!?!? So as much as my boys will soon be taking the venture towards diaper-less-dom, that is at least a month a way, and the truth is I am so overdo for some 'unmentionables' for me.
This pattern is great; three waist heights: hipster, high waist and ruched back, three leg rises: bikini, brief, and boy short.  I went with the hipster height with the brief leg rise.  In about 15 minutes I had four pairs cut out, and lass than an hour latter 2 were complete.

I had fun with one pair making a color block on the side and using a cute print for Joanns.  The color block isn't included in the pattern, but it is super simple to do.  Just fold the sides of your front and back piece towards the middle.  Cut your front and back with the sides folded in.  Then, take those folded sections and trace them onto a piece of paper as one piece - add seam allowance and you are good to go!

I finished the pair off with fun elastic I found at Fabric Fairy.

The second pair, I sewed my elastic on the wrong side - yep these are the things that happen when you sew at 5am ;op  But since I attached it with the serger, I kinda liked the look, so I left it - I could also turn it and top stitch like I did the waistband.  I have two more to sew, so I'll keep playing with the finishing details I like!  I really like the panty lining and the way these come together inside and out.

Next up.... Underwear for the boys!

Head over to No Big Dill to check out all the letters of the alphabet and to add your own creations to the fun!



  1. I've often considered sewing my own undies. I'll have to check out this pattern! Super cute!

  2. All my girls underwear have been sewn by me, but I never even thought of sewing my own. These look so nice and yes I am guilty of never buying new underwear. Luckily Santa still brings me a few new pair each year in my stocking ;)

  3. They are super cute! I want to go check out that pattern now. Great fabric choices!

  4. So cute! If you haven't decided on a kid's pattern yet, check out Elysium Trainers. The etsy shop is called Sweet Elysium. I've made these for my granddaughter, first as training pants, and then just as underwear as the size range goes from 6 months to 10 years. I've done them with bindings as she shows, and also with foldover elastic.

  5. I was sooooo close to doing underwear for U!! But for my kids, not me. These are adorable.

  6. I've looked at this pattern. I do have a kids pattern I keep telling myself I'm going to sew some up for them and see if I hate it before making the leap to my underwear drawer! Do you find they stay in place and wear well? She asks rather directly lol, I worry it would be a disaster for some reason! -rachel

  7. Good luck potty training! We did it last summer (twin boys), my advice; when you think you have enough underwear, double it! I was washing so many pairs of undies that first week.
    Thanks for sharing your project, I have been meaning to get a good pattern. I think I will give this one a try.

  8. the Peekaboo pattern shop has fantastic undie patterns for both boys and girls. :) Nikki told me that if I made her undies she wouldn't pee on the floor... and it's worked!