Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bubble Shorts WINNER!!! (and coupon code)

Hello all my lovely ladies, the winner has been chosen!!!  drum rolll please..........

Congratulations to Kim Radatz!!!!  You have won a copy of Elegance and Elephants' Bubble Shorts - you are going to LOVE them!!!  Check your inbox.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now for all of you who did not win - NEVER FEAR!!!  Heidi is giving you a discount code so that you can go and get this amazing pattern for yourself!  Use the code FLIP to get 10% today through June 5th. (*sorry there is a snafu with the code it will be working at 12pm EST today 5/29)

You seriously can not go wrong with this pattern - I have two pairs under construction at the moment.  One is for my flip, and the other is being sent to a lucky little lady in OK as part of Sewing to Rebuild.

Huge Hugs!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Catch the Summer Vibe with Big Island Board Shorts!!!


Melissa at Blank Slate Patterns has done it again... she has created adorable patterns with a clean finish that not only teach me new things, but bring me back to my childhood (particularly the Retro romper - I swear I wore that as a child!!!)  Her New summer set is called 'Summer Vibe' and it just released TODAY!!!

I had the pleasure of testing the Big Island Board Shorts and I am in love with them.  Not only does the bias tape enclose the side seams, it also encloses the hem which means dear readers.... NO HEMMING!!!  These fit in perfectly with her other designs allowing for the blank slate of clean and simple or revving up your engine and going hog wild with prints, appliques, painting techniques, etc.....  Umm, you can see where my design aesthetic leans ;o)  The other thing I love about this pattern is that they are completely age appropriate through the whole sizing range.  They aren't baby-ish and they aren't grown up... they are simply that perfection that lies somewhere in the middle and are a pattern that I can use every year until they grow out of the size range!

Look at this little man:

So happy and proud in his shorts!!!

My only issue at all in making these board shorts was finding the materials.  I only have a Joann's and Walmart local to me for fabric resources.  Neither had ANY of the needed materials - ruffle scruffle shanken poop!  As a tester, I didn't have time to order in fabric, so to my secret stash (aka hubby's closet) I went.  Luckily for me he has dropped an astounding amount of weight in the last year and had some almost brand new swim trunks from last summer that will in no way shape or form stay up on his hips any longer.  Wohoo for me, the perfect fabric AND mesh swim lining all in one - SCORE!!!

some close ups:

Seriously this whole line is so cute - go check them all out and get sewing for your kiddos TODAY!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!!!

I am so thankful for all of those who have or are currently serving to protect their country.  Thank you for all that you do, thank you for all that you are.

It is Memorial Day and I just happen to live next to the 'birthplace' of this holiday.  Today I will spend the day surrounded by my little family in a quaint little town, listening to patriotic music, and eating food that will drip down my face as I walk.  But midst the celebrations, fanfare, and greasy food - I will REMEMBER.  Today, take a moment to remember all of those who have given of themselves to help this country grow, remember the people in your life who have shaped you into who you are today, and think of the memory you will leave with your children for generations to come.

I'm also remembering how itty bitty my baby girl was this time last year!!!!!

And if you like to sew.... My affiliate, Melly Sews, is offering her awesome Blank Slate Tank Top for just $1 TODAY ONLY!!!!  You can combine this with her bundle discounts for even more savings, or just buy this one to check out how amazing her patters are!  Use code MEMORIAL13 at checkout!!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sewing for MOI!!!

I am guest posting over at the amazing Shaffer Sisters' blog... I love these girls, they are so encouraging and creative!!!  Thank you for making mother's day a month long event and helping us find the time to do something for us ;o)  And don't miss out all the awesome projects in the Make for Mom series!!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Flip this Pattern -GIVEAWAY!!!

Yep, you read that right... I am doing my very first ever GIVEAWAY!!!

and..... it is for Heidi's BUBBLE SHORTS!


these are the pair I tested for Heidi: not my flip ;o)

do I sound a bit excited?

I am getting to share this giveaway with you because I am one of the three bloggers flipping this pattern as a part of the year long FLIP THIS PATTERN series.

Flip This Pattern

So enter using the raffle captor here - you know you want this pattern!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And stay tuned in June to see what I have up my sleeve for my flip  ;o)  I'll be joining in with Lisa from Mommy's Apron Strings and Marta of Do Guincho to flip these shorts!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Feeling Small in a Devastating World

Today this is my post over at Pattern Revolution.  If you are a blogger, please get involved by sharing on your own page or putting the buttons in your sidebar. Every little bit adds up to such a massive impact!


I sit here this morning listening to the reports of the OK tornadoes: at least 24 dead - 9 are children, neighborhoods flattened, people missing, and thousands left homeless.  In the face of natural disasters, mass poverty, and acts of horrendous human cruelty; I often find myself feeling too small to make any difference.  My natural reaction is to close off, pull my kids in for a hug, and thank God that it isn't me - it isn't mine.   I'm just a stay at home/work at home mom.  I have a full plate just keeping my kids clothed, fed, and safe... what can I do to make an impact???

The truth is, that I alone can't do much of anything.  But I can do SOMETHING - I CAN SEW.  I can pour out my love, my heart, and my prayers into the creation of a garment that will help someone rebuild.  A t-shirt isn't going to replace a world of lost possessions, but it is going to literally cover a child's back.  It is a symbol that someone, somewhere cares.
*If you would like to make a much needed monetary donation you can do so through the Red Cross by clicking here

Today we are launching: Sew to Rebuild.  We are asking that you sew one garment (or more) and send it to:

Green Style Creations
508 Conquistador Ct 
Edmond OK 73025.

We have joined with Angelyn of Green Style Creations because she lives so close to the town hit worst and therefore can be our eyes and ears on the ground.  She can ensure that these items make it to the local families, shelters, churches, and organizations that need them most.  She is our HEART in the heart of the devastation.

Here are a few Free PDF Patterns that are simple basics that people NEED:
*You can make any garment to send, these are just some resources*


Tiya Tunic Dress :Donated by Tikatuly Designs

Girls Leggings : Donated by Ellie Inspired
*Ellie inspired has many more free patterns available HERE

Easy Twirl Skirt: Donated by Tie Dye Divas

Alyssa Dress: Donated by Hailey Bugs Closet


The Tank: Donated by Fishsticks Designs

Comfy Shorts: Donated by Designs by Moo


Truly Scrumptious Pants: Donated by Muse of the Morning

We are setting a goal of sending 100 articles of clothing to those in need in OK.  In order to track this goal, we ask that you upload ONE photo per garment to our flickr group... just a snap shot, in no way needs to be modeled.  As our way of saying THANK YOU for helping us in this endeavor, we will have a few people , chosen at random, receive a prize.


Here is the button for you to grab for the Flickr Group
Flickr group

Please grab a button, share with your readers, family, and friends.  Lets join together and show our love, show that we care, and show that we can make a difference.

Pattern Revolution

Monday, May 13, 2013


Flip This Pattern

OMG - I am flipping out over here because I am getting to participate in a totally phenomenal new series called 'Flip This Pattern'.  If you like watching head to head sewing battles, if you like participating in sew alongs with designated themes, and if you LOVE PFD patterns, you are not going to want to miss a second of this series.  The series will kick off in June with Heidi's bubble shorts - and guess who is one of the people getting their flip on - that's right YOURS TRULY!!!  So stick around, follow my blog (if you don't already), and get ready for some awesomeness.... there may even be some cool prizes to be won - just saying ;o)

Grab a button and join in the fun!!!

Look at all these bloggers participating - you better watch out ladies, I've got my fabric scissors out - and I know how to use them!!!

cathgrace | Welcome to the Mouse House | S is for Sewing | Sewing Like Mad | Elegance & Elephants | Call ajaire Little Kids Grow | Daisy Chain Creations | Once Upon a Notion | Handmade Martini | iCandy handmade | you & mie If only they would Nap |  Foster Ramblings | Designs by Sessa | Shaffer Sisters {Jo} | greendoodle | Shaffer Sisters {Al} Siestas & Sewing | mama says sew | Sewing Mama RaeAnna | sewVery | Nap Time Crafters | {lbg studio} Shaffer Sisters {Scary} | Sweeter Than Cupcakes | Once Upon a Sewing Machine | Crafty Cupboard | The Powell Family

And seriously - this line up of designers.... wholly guacamole!!!!  We are going to be having so much fun!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just Sew!!!

Today I am sharing over at Mama Says Sew as a part of her Just SEW series!!!  I'm finally sharing the tutorial for how to do the Inverted Kangaroo Pocket from B's Elephant Shoes outfit!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nantucket Bound...

No,  I am not on my way to vacation in Nantucket, or anywhere for that matter (oh I wish).  But, this sweet little top just looks like it belongs in the quiet, preppy, nautical town of Nantucket (or at least that is what Nantucket is in my mind).

Look at that peter pan collar - the little peplum - the puffed sleeves...

Ahhhhh sweetness.

yep, I love this little face ;o)

I was so honored to be chosen to test Popolok Designs' new pattern the Nelia Top/Dress that is being released Today.  I am a sucker for any pattern that has variations - and this one does not disappoint   There are three neckline options, three sleeve options, and three skirt lengths.

I chose the peplum length with the peter pan collar and the puff sleeve - hmmm a little 'P' obsessed   I would label this pattern as a Beginner/Intermediate pattern.  It isn't super hard, but you do need to do button holes or snaps for the front.  I added the binding to the bottom of the peplum (because I was short on the main fabric... oops) to make the look cohesive... this isn't included in the pattern, but it easy to do and gives such a  pretty finished hem.

If you aren't familiar with Popolok, you should check them out... she has quite a few unique designs that fit a variety of skill levels.  One of the things that impressed me was how pretty the instructions are - ok, yes, this is a PDF pattern, but it is arranged so sweetly with tons of pictures and these adorable little birds that denote hints and tricks to make putting the garment together easier.  I'm a sucker for little details like that ;o)

So Check out her Shop and maybe we can be Nantucket bound together ;o)


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Knocking Off Gap...

There is a very special place in my heart for the 'Knock it Off' series, and for Heidi in particular.  You see, this was the first series I was ever invited to participate in.  I was floored to be invited, and awed by my fellow contributors.  I struggled to come up with WHAT to knock off last November, and then struggled even more to complete the garment (stinkin rolled hems on a curve #*&%$@!).  But, that opportunity and learning experience gave me just barely enough confidence to audition for Season 6 of Project Run & Play.... and somehow I made it on!!!  Because of Heidi and this series, I have 'met' so many amazing people and pushed myself to the point where it is so dang hard to buy my kids clothes... because I CAN MAKE THAT!

Now all that being said... Heidi may have forgotten to mention this season of Knock It Off to me until VERY recently ;op  So instead of a glorious dress that took days to make, you are getting a simpler knock off this season.  But sometimes simple is best, because my daughter is in desperate need of simple tops to go with the variety of skirts and shorts that have been passed down to her for summer.

So today I am going to show you how to knock off this Asymmetrical Ruffle Top from Gap.

theirs: $14.95

mine: $0

isn't it cute!

I started with the new Leilani Ruffle Top by Funktional Threads as my pattern

First I grabbed a women's white tank from my stash (when I do this again, I willpick a knit with a touch of lycra or spandex - or maybe just a higher quality cotton... this is straight cotton T)

Next, I laid my main body section on the T - I measured up 2 inches so that there would be plenty of room for the flounce.  Using the existing hem is just a time saving perk of upcycling ;o)

Then I cut a straight line from the arm hole corner to the bottom edge of the pattern piece and continued it to the hem of the T.  This will give the top the flowy loose fit it needs to match the Gap top.  If you want a little more fit, follow the original line of the pattern!

Here are the pattern pieces you will need to cut:  
-Body, front and back
-Bottom Flounce (this will be used a the neckline)
*I cut this in two peices since I was upcycling
-Arm Hole Facing
-Curved Strap (not pictured)

 Follow the instructions to attach your curved strap, the side seams, and the arm hole facing.

 Attach your strap to the INSIDE of the bodice (this is opposite of the pattern directions)

 Gather your bottom flounce to match the circumference of your neckline.  Attach your Ruffle to the INSIDE of your bodice, pin and Baste in place.  Make sure your strap is laying down like the picture above.

Flip your ruffle over to the front and top stitch.  
*When I make this again I will run a thin 1/4 inch elastic through the neckline - or use two rows of shirring to give the neckline a bit more stabilization and memory.

Cut a length of elastic 2 inches less than your child's waist measurement - or exactly their measurement if you want a looser fit.  Sew into a loop (I used super soft underwear elastic)

Mark your elastic placement - I did 3.5inches up from the hem.  This will be the amount you have hanging below the elastic waist.

Pin the elastic in place.

Sew along both the top and bottom of the elastic - stretching the elastic as you sew.  I use a nice long stitch for this.

This is how it will look from the outside
***I did debate making a casing, but honestly didn't have a long enough section left of my upcycle, you could certainly do that if you didn't want elastic touching baby's skin.

And you have a finished top!!!

*One note - the Original has a rolled hem on the Ruffle.  I would have done this, but forgot to add length when cutting my piece.  If you want to finish this edge, add .5 inch to your bottom ruffle piece when cutting.  The great thing about knit is that it wont unravel ;o)

 More Cuteness....
*This is actually the shirt after being washed, I put it on her the night before to take pictures at a cute park, got to the park and realized I forgot my camera ;op  Oooops, by the time we got home is was dirty.

Tip toe through the tulips ;o)

Hugs, and keep on sewing for the itty bitty loves in your life!