Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Cleaning....

Well there isn't enough time to really get the house clean ;op  So instead I spruced up the blog a little bit.  

What do you think????

Friday, April 26, 2013

KCWC day... well its all a blur ;op

I keep looking at all these bloggers who are completing whole looks in one day... ummm, yeah, even in my PR&P speedy best I wasn't quite at that speed. Hahahahaha, this is why we should NEVER EVER compare ourselves to one another ;o)
But I have been sewing!!!
Here's the sneak peak of  the fabric for the ADORABLE top I tested and can't show you.  But I did the photoshoot this morning and it is perfect *(even if it actually isn't perfect, there are two little puckers where I did a binding, but you can't see them so all is puppies and rainbows).  I loved getting back to 100% upcycling for this project.  The main fabric is a women's cotton button up (with a little stretch) and the accent is a bed sheet.  Can't get better than FREE FREE FREE!

I spent Wednesday sewing up the top, but it took me until Thursday night to add the button holes and buttons.  Finishing.... sigh.

This morning I cut out 2 pairs of PJ shorts.... I can't wait to show you them... well here's another sneak peek.

I am so ecstatic to finally be using some of my favorite onesies of the boys!!!  I've been sewing so much for baby girl recently, that I needed to throw something in their for the boys - and the only thing they really need is summer PJs.

I will just say that I LOVE testing patterns LOVE IT!!!!  The only hard part is not getting to show it off right away ;o)

Tonight I plan on cutting out my knock off for Heidi's Kock Off series (nothing like procrastination to put a girl in gear)  Hopefully all goes well and I'll get it sewn up tomorrow and photographed so I have a post to share ;op  Oh, and then there is that prom dress I am making/altering for the girl I give sewing lessons to.  I think I thrive on chaos ;o)

Hugs to all!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KCWC Days One and Two

I know I know... I've been hit or miss lately - it is all because my baby girl turned ONE on Saturday!!!!

But I am doing my hour of sewing each day for KCWC... love this top (a soon to be release from Funktional Threads)

  I'll be sewing more, but it is another test that I'm not allowed to share... maybe I can show you the fabric I choose ;o)

And then I'll be sewing up my knock off to kick off Heidi's awesome series next week.  So see, I'm still around, still sewing up a storm, just not having time to blog about it ;op

Friday, April 19, 2013

Bubble Shorts!!!

In case you had been hiding under a rock, I wanted to let you know that Heidi from Elegance and Elephants has released a pattern for her AH-MAZ-ING Bubble Shorts.  But it doesn't end there!!!  Not only does the pattern cover the classic bubble shorts that I fell in love with and used as inspiration for my PR&P 'Mo Squish Le' look, she has also included an equally adorable Sailor version.  You are getting two completely different shorts for the price of ONE pattern!!!
I tested the Classic - and I can confidently say that it is a comfortable beginner pattern.  You make casings for elastic at  the waist and the pockets and the rest is plain old attaching pieces together.  If you have a serger, I suggest using it for a clean finish - but even without one, you can finish off your seams with a zig zag or overlock stitch.  Heidi leads you through the pattern with detailed instructions and photographs that are easy to follow.  While the details on these are already so sweet with the pockets and little bow, there is plenty of room within this pattern for exploration of your own style - I would love to do a version with piping between the cuff and pocket and the pockets would look darling with embroidery.  This pattern can be made in EITHER knits or wovens - so the possibilities are endless!!!

Here are some pictures on baby girl...

Look at those toes - dancer maybe......

A little peek at the inner waist band where you get to use a contrasting fabric.  

For this pattern I used three Riley Blake fat quarters from the line 'Pieces of Hope'.  It seemed appropriate with April being Autism awareness month.  This fat quarter bundle was one the the prizes I won from Project Run and Play.

*I tested the Classic and have not yet sewn up the Sailor Style - it will certainly be slightly more difficult with button holes and bias tape binding, but Heidi's instructions are very clear and easy to follow!!

What are you waiting for - GO GET THAT PATTERN ;o)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vintage-y Goodness

I was incredibly lucky to get one of the coveted spots to test the Adelaide Vintage Romper for Peek-a-boo Patterns.  I have been wanting to make a romper for baby girl - and even attempted to draft my own... ummm let's just say that that attempt will result in a pair of fitted capris and the bodice of a different dress - yeah total disaster ;op
Back to Amy's delicious pattern of yummy vintage-y goodness.  Seriously I sewed this up and wanted to squeal in delight (I restrained myself as the kiddos were sleeping and I didn't want my husband to think  a wild pig had gotten into the basement ;op).  But it is simply darling!!!
I will admit that the name forced my hand in fabric selection.  I had some adorable blue and white polka dot fabric that would be perfect for this pattern - but I kept thinking VINTAGE.  And my eyes landed on a left over cut of Toile my mom had given me.  PERFECTION!  But what to go with it???  I went over to my stash and started trying to find a fun funky pop color, but they didn't seem to work right, I like at straight white - nope, I looked at black - too mature for my baby, then my eyes fell on a soft pink button up shirt.  Ahhhhhhh, just right.  I grabbed the shirt and started cutting without ever reading the label.  When I was doing the hand finishing I noticed that the fabric was a little tough to sew through compared to the cotton toile.  I ran upstairs to read the tag.... 100% SILK - ohhhhhh, well no wonder it was pretty and soft ;op  Sometimes I get a bit ahead of myself when I am excited.

This pattern is seriously gorgeous, and I feel like baby girl looks beautiful in it, and not like my little baby anymore (she will turn ONE on Saturday - shhhhhhh don't remind me!)

This is a fairly easy pattern to follow - and Amy does a great job instruction you through each step.  There is optional piping (which I left out), optional shirring (which I included), and perfect pockets - for those of you whose children know what to do with a pocket ;op  The bodice is fully lined and the collar is one of my favorite parts - throw in some pink buttons and how can you not swoon?

Ahhhh -chubby little legs and knees (that totally only works for a toddler/baby).  Head over to Amy's shop if you wan to make your own!
*Oh and that cute bow headband.... lets just say I mistook my cuff pieces for strap pieces, happy accident in this case ;o)


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Guest Posting & Tellin' you how to Bust that Stash

Today you can find me over at Feather's Flights talking about my stash and how to get in the mind set of using more of yours!!!

Come on over to read all about it and don't miss any part of Heather's great Stash Busting Series!

And I think it is finally SPRING in this here neck of the woods!!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

PR&P has STILL taken over my house....

Yep, I am still cleaning up from the craziness of PR&P.  Today I finally sat down to organize this pile of patters that I altered or created for the different weeks of competition. (lets not talk about the fact that there is another pile in the basement ;op).  But I was able to go from THIS


Definite improvement!!!  I did notice though that a few of my pattern pieces have gone missing - was it a munchkin, my toss happy hubby, or could it be in the pile in the basement... no matter what, it is my fault for not keeping track of them and putting them away sooner ;op

Have you been following along with the All Star season of PR&P, WOW.  Simply WOW!!!  I was planning on sewing along this season because the challenges are awesome, but I may have to settle with being inspired.
Here is a glimpse of Easter - inspired by Renior for the Art Inspiration of Week One:

*yep, that is the collegiate cool blazer on B - I'll share all their Easter looks in detail for the Spring Formal week!

Here's as far as I might get with chevrons.  Oh life ;o) (*I did get the rest cut out, but none of it sewn ;op)

I'm in a spring cleaning mode (well as much as you can be in with 3 little ones who undo ever step of progress you make).  But today I had a success... SUCCESS people!!!  I cleaned out my half of the closet AND my dresser.  I still need to weed through the spring/summer clothes that are in a bin, but I am most of the way there.  You see, I spent more than two years of my life pregnant - two years of 4 seasons back to back pregnant or recovering from c-sections, which equates to still looking pregnant.  I was facing a closet of pre-pregnancy clothing (most of which I have to admit will never again fit my new body), maternity clothing (which almost a year after giving birth to baby girl - I don't want to touch with a 10 foot poll), and some schlumpy stuff that kinda sorta fits my current body.  It is a little depressing getting rid of about 80% of your clothing in one fell swoop, but kinda exciting for all the new things I can upcycle into clothes for the kids.  And, I have to admit that even if there isn't much in there right now - it is much easier to look at a mostly empty closet than one brimming with all the things that just don't work anymore.
The silver lining is that in a week and a half I am going shopping with my girl friend for new (non-maternity) clothes - for the first time in over TWO years!  I am soooooooooooo stinkin excited!

Huge hugs to all - hope your spring is coming faster than ours!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wonderings: or ramblings... take your pick

*HAHAHAH - I wrote this about 5 months ago, and yet it still holds so true today - it also goes to show how true, since it is only now getting posted ;op

My brain is no longer connecting the dots.

Words are failing me - that is not strange unto itself, I mean I am a sleep deprived mama and all.  But I can't get my children's names straight.  I look at them and blatantly blank on which one they are... it isn't like I'm Michelle Dugger here with 20 names all starting with the same letter - I have three, and the twins don't even look the same ;op

I can't finish a project to save my life.  And for some reason, instead of doing the 20 minutes worth of work to finish project A, B, or C; I spend an hour thinking of and starting project D, E & F.

Someone needs to create a device that will zap me every time my brain begins its wandering into the ether... the land of 'what ifs' and 'how cools'.  A focuser, a distraction blocker (no, not the three little distractions, the internal main frame distractions).  I'd pay for that!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter

I think this is a fairly realistic representation of life in my house.  Attempting to take a family picture is just a trial in torture - but outside of the picture, the kids really did have a great day and Nana got to shower them with gifts as she loves to do ;o)

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend and built memories to last a lifetime!

Hugs from the Winter Clan.