Friday, April 26, 2013

KCWC day... well its all a blur ;op

I keep looking at all these bloggers who are completing whole looks in one day... ummm, yeah, even in my PR&P speedy best I wasn't quite at that speed. Hahahahaha, this is why we should NEVER EVER compare ourselves to one another ;o)
But I have been sewing!!!
Here's the sneak peak of  the fabric for the ADORABLE top I tested and can't show you.  But I did the photoshoot this morning and it is perfect *(even if it actually isn't perfect, there are two little puckers where I did a binding, but you can't see them so all is puppies and rainbows).  I loved getting back to 100% upcycling for this project.  The main fabric is a women's cotton button up (with a little stretch) and the accent is a bed sheet.  Can't get better than FREE FREE FREE!

I spent Wednesday sewing up the top, but it took me until Thursday night to add the button holes and buttons.  Finishing.... sigh.

This morning I cut out 2 pairs of PJ shorts.... I can't wait to show you them... well here's another sneak peek.

I am so ecstatic to finally be using some of my favorite onesies of the boys!!!  I've been sewing so much for baby girl recently, that I needed to throw something in their for the boys - and the only thing they really need is summer PJs.

I will just say that I LOVE testing patterns LOVE IT!!!!  The only hard part is not getting to show it off right away ;o)

Tonight I plan on cutting out my knock off for Heidi's Kock Off series (nothing like procrastination to put a girl in gear)  Hopefully all goes well and I'll get it sewn up tomorrow and photographed so I have a post to share ;op  Oh, and then there is that prom dress I am making/altering for the girl I give sewing lessons to.  I think I thrive on chaos ;o)

Hugs to all!!!


  1. ahahah... I work better under pression so I understand you!

  2. Ooh, I'm excited! It looks great!
    And guess what, I'm working behind the scenes on two wedding dresses this week too!

  3. I have been sewing for the boys summer wardrobe. Your PR&P update is actually what inspired me to do as close to FREE as possible. Thank you.
    *On a side note, I cannot grasp how these amazing bloggers manage to whip up such awesome outfits AND blog about them! Oh well, I LOVE the inspiration.