Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Feeling Small in a Devastating World

Today this is my post over at Pattern Revolution.  If you are a blogger, please get involved by sharing on your own page or putting the buttons in your sidebar. Every little bit adds up to such a massive impact!


I sit here this morning listening to the reports of the OK tornadoes: at least 24 dead - 9 are children, neighborhoods flattened, people missing, and thousands left homeless.  In the face of natural disasters, mass poverty, and acts of horrendous human cruelty; I often find myself feeling too small to make any difference.  My natural reaction is to close off, pull my kids in for a hug, and thank God that it isn't me - it isn't mine.   I'm just a stay at home/work at home mom.  I have a full plate just keeping my kids clothed, fed, and safe... what can I do to make an impact???

The truth is, that I alone can't do much of anything.  But I can do SOMETHING - I CAN SEW.  I can pour out my love, my heart, and my prayers into the creation of a garment that will help someone rebuild.  A t-shirt isn't going to replace a world of lost possessions, but it is going to literally cover a child's back.  It is a symbol that someone, somewhere cares.
*If you would like to make a much needed monetary donation you can do so through the Red Cross by clicking here

Today we are launching: Sew to Rebuild.  We are asking that you sew one garment (or more) and send it to:

Green Style Creations
508 Conquistador Ct 
Edmond OK 73025.

We have joined with Angelyn of Green Style Creations because she lives so close to the town hit worst and therefore can be our eyes and ears on the ground.  She can ensure that these items make it to the local families, shelters, churches, and organizations that need them most.  She is our HEART in the heart of the devastation.

Here are a few Free PDF Patterns that are simple basics that people NEED:
*You can make any garment to send, these are just some resources*


Tiya Tunic Dress :Donated by Tikatuly Designs

Girls Leggings : Donated by Ellie Inspired
*Ellie inspired has many more free patterns available HERE

Easy Twirl Skirt: Donated by Tie Dye Divas

Alyssa Dress: Donated by Hailey Bugs Closet


The Tank: Donated by Fishsticks Designs

Comfy Shorts: Donated by Designs by Moo


Truly Scrumptious Pants: Donated by Muse of the Morning

We are setting a goal of sending 100 articles of clothing to those in need in OK.  In order to track this goal, we ask that you upload ONE photo per garment to our flickr group... just a snap shot, in no way needs to be modeled.  As our way of saying THANK YOU for helping us in this endeavor, we will have a few people , chosen at random, receive a prize.


Here is the button for you to grab for the Flickr Group
Flickr group

Please grab a button, share with your readers, family, and friends.  Lets join together and show our love, show that we care, and show that we can make a difference.

Pattern Revolution


  1. Shared your message on my blog today. Praying for good things!

  2. What an awesome idea! I will certainly participate! Thank you for organizing this!

  3. this is a fantastic idea, suz!

  4. Thank you for your efforts at finding a way us stay at home mamas can help. Thank you!
    (I will be sharing on my blog by the weekend.)

  5. Did you mention any deadlines for when the clothing needs to be sent? I am definitely going to get my kids involved in this and help me sew a few things!