Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bundle UP!.... The Taylor Shorts and Piper Top

Ok, so today I am sharing a combo outfit!  The Taylor shorts paired with the Piper Top - and let me just say I have been wearing these shorts almost everyday since I made them, I think it is time to put them in the wash ;o)

The Taylor shorts run sizes 0-18, but if you are beyond an 18 - check your high hip, the top measurement is 51.5!!!!  I can actually size down one size from my street size in these, so read the size chart and trust it and cut the size it tells you to, if you are in the bigger sizes, you might be surprised!

I went with the longest length, the 8 inch inseam, hoping for a Bermuda short length - but they weren't quite long enough for when I like my Bermudas to hit.  So instead I decided to cuff them - which I LOVE.

Cuffing any pair of shorts is fairly easy... follow the hemming instructions, just make sure that when you sew in the hem, you sew almost the full 1/4 inch in from the edge that you originally turned under.  This way, when you turn them up to cuff them, your turned edge will natural fall below the wrong side of the fabric.  Press well, and if you want them to be permanent cuffs, tack them in place at the inseam and outseam.

This Piper Top I lovelovelovelovelove!!!!  The bow back is so pretty and different from other things I own.  I went with exactly my size based on the measurement chart and the fit is perfect - this is the XL.

I used lightweight knits from Girl Charlee for the perfect summer top.

What are you sewing up from the Bundle????  
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  1. So pretty! I love the top in that fabric and the shorts look amazing!