Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bohemian Babydoll Dress by Elegance and Elephants

I have loved Elegance and Elephants from the very first pattern she released last year, but I have to say this may be my new favorite!!

I love that the Bohemian Babydoll Dress has no closures, I love the high low bodice and skirt, I love the options for sleeveless or ruffled sleeve, and the options of tunic or dress.

I went with a tunic length with the ruffled sleeve - tunics are easier for us than dresses at this stage.  the climbing/running/falling down/jumping/chasing your brothers/believing you are invincible stage that is.  And ruffled sleeves are just too cute, and give a tiny bit extra sun coverage ;o)

And I love it on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I love this fabric - the whole combination is just perfect!

We will be making more of these for sure, and I am thinking of doing a couple in knit too - cause I just love knit.

Thanks Heidi for an amazing pattern an for just being awesome ;o)


  1. That alpha print is adorable - cute top!

  2. Love it! Your sweet girl is growing so fast! She's so adorable!

  3. It's adorable!
    It's my new favorite top pattern as well - so easy and cute :)