Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Aviator Pants: Gathered Cargo Pocket Tutorial

Want to add a more feminine pocket to your Aviators???  Try the gathered cargo pocket!

This is a really simple adaptation, and you can girly it up even more with a bow, decorative trim, or even a cute button.

The basic principal here is that straight lines tend to be more masculine and curved lines tend to lend an edge of femininity.

So take that rectangular cargo pocket piece and fold it in half.  We are going to trim off the bottom corners to create a gentle curve.  You can change the shape as much as you want, but I started 1 inch up from the bottom and created a soft curve.

Next You are going to sew the top exactly as it states in the instructions, making sure to press the side edges in as well.  I used a decorative stitch for a little extra something

Now, run a gathering stitch along the bottom curve of your pocket.

Place your pocket on the pants matching the marking with the bottom center of your pocket

Edge stitch around the pocket, make sure the bottom edge is turned under.  You can adjust your gathers to get the exact look you want.

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