Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Wandering: My Bag's Bigger Than Your Bag (nah-nah nu nah-nah)

When Baby girl turned 6 weeks old, I made my first solo outing to the grocery store with all three kids in tow.  For six weeks I couldn't lift my hefty little men (just for reference A is 25lbs and B is 30lbs @16months) because of the surgery from my C-Section.  So, for SIX weeks I was forced to have round the clock help.  To an independant mama who thrived on being able to tote her twins anywhere and everywhere, this was sheer torture.  I felt caged, trapped, stripped of all freedom; and although I am beyond thankful for the support and help I received over those 6 weeks from my own amazing mother and Chelsea (the wonderful recent college grad that God dropped in our lap at the perfect moment to help care for the boys), I could not wait for those 6 weeks to be over.
The moment the Dr. cleared me, I dusted off my car keys, hoisted all three kids into the car, and drove to the grocery store - ooooooooooooooooohhhhh EXCITING!  It took us about 45 minutes to grab 5 items, but I did it.  I did it, all on my own!!!
When I tell people this story (because I am proud of my accomplishment - it seems more appropriate than being proud of changing 3 poopy diapers in under 3 minutes flat, or dodging my way through lunch without a single launched food grenade landing on my clothes), their reaction is always 'HOW?'  Well, I pushed the boys in their double stroller in front of me with my left hand, stuck baby girl in her carseat on top of the double decker mini cart and pulled her behind me, and in a very halting manor made it from produce to dairy. (I am sorry, there is no pictoral evidence of this outing)
But, that isn't really the true answer to 'HOW', the true answer to this question is.... MY DIAPER BAG.

My diaper bag is huge, my diaper bag is zeebra print, my diaper bag could rival Mary Poppins for how much stuff can magically appear from within it's dark recesses.  And what, you may ask, is contained inside my diaper bag????  I am so glad you asked!
-Diapers (3-5 size fives, 3 size ones)
-Diaper Pad and wipes
-diaper trash bags
-Two Bibs
-two water sippy cups
-one Dr browns 4 oz bottle
-container of powdered formula
- spare set of boys clothing
-Epi Pen (yep - A is allergic to peanuts)
-Adult tylenol
-travel sized container of stain remover spray
-assorted rattles, teethers, loveys, and books
-..... I might as well just show you!!!


Yep - this is a Kathy Ireland bag snagged on sale at TJ Maxx

the loot

socks are a necessity, we have an indoor playground that requires them (baby and mama)

formula for baby girl and snacks for the boylets

business cards and mini brag book

I am so grateful we haven't had to use this yet


there have to be some things for mama too!


With this bag I am ready to face emergencies great and small, conquer tears, and set the world to right again - or at least bring the noise level down a decibel or two.  Having this bag packed and ready to go gives me the freedom to get out of the house.  I have separate bags packed and waiting for road trips and pool days, but this is my daily diaper bag.

Think I am missing anything????   So, what is your #1 go to item in your purse or diaper bag.

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  1. Hey Suzanne, I didn't see band aids but they may have been there. If not thats a good thing to start putting in there now that the boys are on the go more.