Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Operation Project $0: Day Eight with The Shaffer Sisters

Today we have Scary (aka SarahLynn - but to me she is only Scary) of the Shaffer Sisters with us to share her Operation Project $0 creation.  I first met the Shaffer sisters through Project Run and Play - we were all sewing along and I just kept coming back to their creations and soon found myself following their blog and eagerly anticipating their next post and creation.  'Encourage, Inspire, Uplift, Create' is the mantra of their blog, and they have succeeded in each of those areas in my life.  The sisters each have a different personality and style and it is fun to see that come out in their blog posts and their sewing styles.  I have loved getting to guest post with them and am so happy to now have Scary guest posting here... and watch out, there are more sister on the way later in the month!

Hi gals. Scary here from Shaffer Sisters. It is such a pleasure to visit you over here at Winter Wonderings. I have been planning for this day since we were invited. I have had several projects (nightgown, staple black dress, and fat quarter skirt) that were all contestants for this post but didn't make the cut. I would think about my introduction to Suzanne's dedication to Operation Zero and how the total for Project Run and Play season was $18.  I would then decide I needed something bigger and better. Her commitment to Operation Zero changed the way I thought about sewing for my kids.
I started picking knits off the clearance rack of Walmart. I started buying $2/yrd. quilters fabric that was neither hip or trendy. And I made the commitment to make less trips to the fabric store.  I used every scrap I could salvage for a useable piece.
The fabric for this skirt came from material I have for me to "someday" make jeans for myself. I purchased the fabric when it was 40% off, this skirt required less than a 1/3 yrd.  I knew this top (made for Project Run and Play: Pattern Remix from $2/yrd. fabric), needed a basic but strong item to anchor it. This skirt could be refashioned from jeans but I had fabric on hand and not jeans.

Lately I have been really into simple skirts ($1 fat quarter skirt, love you little bird skirt, and spin skirt) because they are easy to get on and stay on. Also after looking at pants for a couple of years I love seeing the skirts in the laundry.
This skirt came together really quickly and allowed me to use the edge of some eyelet that I had lying around (I just trimmed it down to 3/4 of inch from the top of the scallops) And ties back to the white buttons on top. Would you like to make one? (I know I am strongly thinking about changing the "someday jeans" into a tomorrow denim skirt for me).

Here are the instructions a skirt custom to the size you need it. I made it as a pdf file so you can print out and keep with your patterns.  
Thank you for having me and I am excited for you to "meet" my sisters later in the month and see what they did for pennies.
Thank you so much for being here Scary, I love this skirt!  One more thing to add to the ever growing 'Must Make' list.
What have you been sewing?!?!?  Link it up in the Flickr Group so I can show it off next week!!!  And remember, this may be called Operation Project $0, but it doesn't have to be an upcycle or cost exactly $0 - I just want to encourage you to get resourceful and take a second look at what you have - then go CREATE!


  1. Loooove the skirt! (already proclaimed my love for the top haha!) I'm on a real denim kick too, denim & white/lace is soooo cute!

  2. It's adorable! I love the little skirt and it goes so well with the shirt! Great job!

  3. Thank you for having me. I realized this afternoon I spelled denim wrong on the title image. I feel like a dork.
    Thank you again for letting me participate
    With Love,

  4. That skirt is so darling. I love the top also. Your model is great. Gosh she has grown so much over the summer.

  5. I love the eyelet trim!!! Great job!!!

  6. My daughter has a store bought skirt that looks pretty much like this. I'm sure I will knock off another one as soon as it doesn't fit anymore. I'm in love with the entire outfit.