Thursday, September 5, 2013

Operation Project $0: Day Four with Feather's Flights

Today I am so happy to introduce the sweet and talented Heather of Feather's Flights.  She has a passion for upcycling (just like me) and loves designing for and dressing her adorable son Henry.  This summer I got to join in on her Playtime Pants Blog Tour - and I absolutely love those pants. 
you can read my post about them HERE

If you haven't checked out Heather's Blog, you totally should, it is filled with fun tutorials for children and mamas... she also has a weekly sewing round up called 'You Flew Tuesdays' where you can link up all your sewing goodies.  Anyways, I am so happy to get to share Heather  and her $0 project with you today!!!

I am so excited to be here today! I love the idea of Project $0 and have tried to keep the goal of $0 for my son's wardrobe this whole year. I've been successful so far! When Suzanne asked me to be apart of this series, I couldn't think of anything to make for Henry. I am planning on making him a Fall/Winter collection, but it hasn't gotten even remotely cold yet here. I could think of lots of things that I needed, so I decided to make something for myself. Recently, one of my friends gave me about ten of her husband's button up shirts that they didn't want anymore. I used two to create a fantastic dress for myself.
I cut two shirts up and sewed them together at the waist to make a dress. I kept as many button-up shirt details as possible like the pockets, collar, and front button plackets.
 I've decided this is the perfect dress for women. It's super comfy and "chasing kids" worthy, it can grow with pregnancy or shrink with post-partem, it has nursing access, it has pockets, and it's just cute and fun.
It started raining right at the end of my photoshoot. Luckily, the camera was under a covering, but I wasn't!
Henry snuck in this picture wearing leather work gloves. Don't mind his naked legs!
Thanks for having me Suzanne! Thanks for the $0 inspiration; I can't wait to get started on Henry's Fall/Winter collection!


  1. it really makes for the perfect mom dress =) gotta try one of these.

  2. Oh Heather you are so cute.I love this dress. The question is what are you going to do with the other 8, can't wait to see.

  3. Oh! I really love this idea, have to try this myself.

  4. My kind of project! Can't wait to try this idea.
    Thanks so much!