Thursday, September 12, 2013

Operation Project $0: Day Nine with Simple SImon

For most of us Simple Simon needs no introduction.  The team of Elizabeths who brought us Project Run and Play and Project Sewn (For Adult Clothing).  These women gave me my first opportunity to do a guest post  - as a sew alonger with Project Run and Play.  And then somehow determined that I should have a shot at being a 'People's Choice' competitor the next season.  I hadn't been blogging very long, didn't know many people, and I think my blog had a following of 20?  They were so encouraging and took every step to make sure I felt like part of the 'gang'.  They continue to be a source of encouragement and inspiration.  If I were to come up with a list of who I want to be like when I grow up... Elizabeth and liZ would be near the top of that list (that is a figurative 'grow up' as I doubt we are very far apart in age ;op).  I am humbled and honored to have the privilege of introducing liZ with today's Operation Project $0 inspired post.

Before we get started I need to admit something:
I cheated.
The outfit pictured below did not cost $0.
It cost $1.  ($1.16 to be exact.)  So I am officially disqualified from standing in the $0 circle of awesomeness. 
Shun me if you must.  I will understand.
(I by the way am liZ from over at Simple Simon and Company...over there my sister in law, whose name also happens to be Elizabeth, and I blog about sewing, crafting, and the Art of Homemaking.)
Ok, now you know who I am and my dirty little $1.16 secret.  Now we can go ahead and get started.
Here's what I put together for Grace:
 It's an 80's inspired play outfit for warm autumn afternoons.

The shoes are a pair that were given to Simon years ago but were too small so I've been saving them in the closet until now.  (My husband thought I was crazy to save them for so long but I'm glad I did.  She wears them almost every day.)

The white tank top actually came from the Dollar Store a few weeks back.  Grace was carrying it around and I thought some day it may come in handy and it has....even though it brought my total for this outfit up to $1.16.

The pants came from scraps out of my scrap bin and were pieces left over from one of my favorite projects: 
I found two pieces left over that were large enough to make a pair of capris out of and then made them the same way that I made these pants:
And finally we added a vest that I made last year for one of Grace's Fall Look Book outfits:
It's from "The Audubon Society" outfit which was made from thrifted velvet that I picked up for $1!
It was a deal back then and she has more than gotten our money back in wear of those pants and vest.

So there you have detail...the $1.16 Autumn play outfit for Grace and how it came to be.
(And actually, it's not all the unique.  The majority of Grace's clothing is a mix of hand me downs, thrifted items, and homemade clothing....
That's what we do around here.  I am convinced that dressing your children doesn't mean that you have to break the bank.)

Thanks Suzanne for inviting us over here today!  And I promise if you invite us back next year we will keep our total down to $0!
liZ, she is totally kickin' it in this outfit!  Watch out, Max might fly in from Australia to steal it from you ;o)  Thank you so much for being here with us today and sharing this super fun outfit.

Keep sewing up those awesome creations - and if you have been inspired to create something for $0 (or close to $0), add it to the Flickr Group!!!


  1. I love this outfit! So trendy and yet so wearable. Truth be told I bought the shoes my daughter is wearing in her outfit (brand new from the shops for $6, alas I could not resist) so $1.16 is pretty awesome!

  2. Love Liz. I think it is awesome how the material used as leggings is a totally different look than the maxi.

  3. Oh... my cheat was even bigger... mine costed me 3,5€... but that's all I am going to spent for the season, so I guess I'm ok with it (?!)... am I, ladies?