Friday, September 13, 2013

Operation Project $0: Day 10 mixing it up

So today as part of Operation Project $0, I want to take a look at one of the easiest ways to start getting into upcycling.  Old T-shirts.  They are one of my favorite mediums to work in, and there are always a few tucked away in a drawer somewhere for you to play with!  T-shirts can also be easily found at Goodwill and Thrift stores, and if you want to stick to 'new' but still upcycle, watch the clearance racks at Walmart, Target, and department stores where you can often find last season's T's for about $1.

Today's look is the Melanie by ModKid.  I love this pattern and the fact that you are supposed to mix fabrics in it... now I expanded from 2 fabrics to 3, and used three shirts to complete the dress.  (two XS women's shirts - yeah those never belonged to me, and one L tank top that also didn't belong to me).  Three used T's for a grand total of $0!!!

I just love these bound pockets - I mixed up the pattern a bit and had the sleeve match the side panel rather than the main fabric - I really wanted more of the teal in the look!

If you are new to working with knits there is one tool I want to recommend to you - a double needle.  Yep - a $3 double needle is the key to hemming and finishing your knit garments (unless you want to invest tons of money in a cover stitch machine - while you're at it, pick one up for me too, mmmkay!)  There are tons of other helpful tools - ranging from cheap ones like tissue paper, to medium ones like a walking foot, to expensive ones like a serger and cover stitch machine.  But seriously... add that twin needle into your mix and your world of sewing with knits will change forever!
this isn't the best picture of it, but the neckline, bottom hem, and sleeve hems are all done with a twin needle

Loving this pattern - I'll pair it with leggings for fall, but I couldn't make my baby suffer through that much clothing when it was hovering around 90 outside.  Thus the primarily close ups of her sitting - I am not a fan of flashing the diaper ;op

I hope you all have a great weekend ahead - and if you have time to sew, consider being inspired to sew along with Operation Project $0, and don't forget to link up your images to the Flickr Group so that I can feature some next week!


  1. I love the color combo! Very cute but in a subtle way. Here here on the double needle and you never know what you will find at a thrift mom found a serger for me that was practically brand new (as in never been used by the looks of it but is probably a good 15 years old). And as for cheap t-shirts, I've always found the cheapest at Old Navy (even cheaper and less picked over) than WalMart and Target. Hint...look for the XXL ones to get the most "fabric". I do the same at Goodwill too.

  2. I love this color combination. I was just on a card-making site and they used similar colors and they go together so well. Tje dress is so cute on your little model.

  3. Love the colors. The dress looks amazing, it's a wonderful pattern.

  4. Suzanne this is gorgeous and what a great idea. I've got loads of old shirts I've been meaning to do something with. I knew I was hoarding for a reason haha :)