Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Operation Project $0: Day 18 with Jo of the Shaffer Sisters

Well it is the middle of the week - and drawing close to the end of the month... and our series... SAY IT ISN"T SO!!!  But, I wanted to share a few of the sew along entries that jumped out at me from our Flickr Group.  Don't worry - you can still submit your $0 inspired creations to the Flickr Group and be featured in my round ups next week.  I absolutely love seeing what everyone is sewing!!!
How great are these Knight Tunics (upcycled from pants) by Vera Luna
This stunning Dress is made from an old Bridesmaid Dress by Lippy Anne Designs
Kit Kat inspired Shirt made from a women's T and a baby romper - awesome job Beth!
Now on to today's Guest poster - this series would NOT be complete without the Third sister, Jo, from the Shaffer Sisters.  I was so happy when they let me know that each sister wanted to get in on the action - I feel so loved, and blessed to count them in my blogging community of friends!  I am loving this dress that Jo came up with... and is there a little announcement in there about patterns to be on the lookout for from this fabulous trio?!?!?  I can't wait to see all the wonderful things they have in store!!!
Take it away Jo.......

Wow, thanks so much for letting us come visit Suzanne.  The month has flown by, and it
has been full of terrific money saving ideas and inspiring project.   It has been really fun for us to participate!

A while back, Scary and Al went through Momma Shaffers fabric and trimmed it down for her.  Then, we all got together in Oregon for a sisters reunion, where Scary divided it out.  Before the trip, Scary was telling me how she was weeding out the good stuff, and sending the rest to the thriftstore.  I told her to quit weeding and bring it all!  So, Scary brought 3 giant black garbage bags full of fabric to me when she came.  I was exstatic.  I am not a great deal finder at the fabric store.   I am not good at waiting for the sales.  So, having a giant hoard of fabric on hand works great for me!  
Scary doesn't really love plaid, so she sent all of Momma Shaffers plaid to me.  Perfect I could use it for all the members of my family.  When Plaid week came up in Project Run and Play, I knew I would be the one sewing for it.   So I googled plaid dress images.  
I found a cute Circle Skirted Dress with long sleeves.   So I used it for my inspiration.
I wanted a yoke neck, with buttons.
I wanted a hi-lo circle skirt.
I wanted long baseball sleeves.  
For more pictures, my original post is here.

I will be honest, I did purchase the notions.  I never have those "laying around"  So, in the end I had to make a trip to the store for the bias tape and the buttons.  But the fabric and self created "pattern" were mine.  

We will be testing this pattern in the future, and then it will be on our etsy shop.  Let us know if your interested in testing it.  
We love budget sewing.  You can find some of our other budget posts here, here, and here.
Thanks again for letting us create over here Suzanne!
with love,


  1. Ooh, I love this little plaid dress! And how flattering that you posted my kit-kat tee--thank you! I am a huge fan of this series!

  2. I agree with Beth, this is a great series. Thank you for featuring my knight's costumes!