Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Operation Project $0: Day two... Sheets and Curtains!

Welcome back dear readers...  today is Day 2 in our awesome journey of Operation: Project $0.

Today I am going to share an outfit that makes me want to sing.... 'When the dogs bite, when the bees sting, when I'm feeling sad... I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't FEEEEEELLLLLLL so bad!'  Ah the Sound of Music, a musical tribute to the art and glory of upcylcing - wait?  That wasn't the purpose of that movie?!?!?!?  Oh well... I still love that a set of drapes becomes awesome play clothes for 7 children plus Maria.

Today, I am transforming a plain sheet and an outdated Valance into a thing of beauty - at least I think it is beautiful!!!

This is the Bubblegum Swing Dress by Candy Castle Patterns.  The Basic Bublegum dress is much more appropriate as play wear, but I completely fell in love with the extra full skirt in this version and HAD to make it.  The sheets were just a little stiff which is what creates the petticoat effect with NO petticoat underneath.  This is a great pattern if you have been wanting a wrap dress to add to your collection.  The Swing Dress add on was for a Sew Along in Candy Castle's FB group... but I have heard that when she re-opens her shop it will be available there to the general public.

(these leggings are an upcylce as well, but I'll do a whole day on leggings!!!)

I'm really loving how the dated curtain becomes new again by color blocking it with the solid navy.  And it feels current since it fits in the color range of the fall 2013 Patone colors
One of the great things about this pattern is that there no buttons or zippers - which just leaves fabric, thread and a little bit of elastic in this garment (you could omit the elastic on the sleeves).   The elastic was scraps I had left over from another project and the materials were both donated to me by a friend who no longer wanted/needed them.  So there you have it, a grand total of $0 to make this beautiful dress that is perfect for fall!

Today, I hope you can all remember your favorite things... 
And don't forget to add images of your $0 creations in the flickr group!!!


  1. Super super sweet!!! What a great and cheap project, yet such a lovely dress!

  2. I love working with sheets! I am working on the PR & P pattern remix right now with one I found at Goodwill last year. Also, I totally had the matching green floral sheets to your valance when we were first married. I think they were part of the Laura Ashley collection from somewhere and they felt pretty special back then!

  3. What an adorable pattern! I can't believe those fabric are from sheets and a valence! I love the $0 result!

  4. It really is a BEAUTIFUL dress, Suzanne!!! No one would ever know it was once sheets and a valance.

  5. The dress is darling! Hard to believe it came from unwanted items!

  6. Love it! I do have a lot of material given to me. I also save handmedowns that I can't/won't wear for upcycle projects.

  7. Soooooo pretty! What an inspiration that you were able to create something so sweet with $0. I really need to do more upcycling .

  8. This is such a wonderful dress. It seams I keep saying the same about every little thing you do, but I guess we just have similar taste because I really mean it. <3