Monday, September 9, 2013

Operation Project $0: Day 6 with Sutures and Sandpaper

Did you all (or 'all y'all' for those of you'ins South of the Maxon Dixon line) miss the awesomsauce  that is Operation Project $0 over the weekend???  Well I missed you, but I have also been getting to preview our amazing guest posts for this week - squeee... and LOVE them all!!!  Well, today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Kerry of Sutures and Sandpaper.  Kerry and I have only just 'met', but when I saw her up-cycle flip of the Rollerskate Dress HERE, I knew instantly that she was the type of girl that I wanted involved in this series!  In browsing through her blog, I have come to quickly appreciate that Kerry not only has some serious sewing chops, she also has a great sense of style.... this outfit is no exception, AND she uses my favorite color in the whole world!!!  So give a big round of hugs in welcoming Kerry - and make sure to take a few moments to check out her blog!

A huge thank you to Suzanne for inviting me to participate in this fun series. I'm a little star struck to be included in this line up with some of my blogging idols!! My name is Kerry and I am very new to the blogging world. I blog with my sister Linda over at Sutures and Sandpaper. I am a mum to three little buttons, wife to a very understanding husband and work part time as a doctor. 

Project $0 has been a real eye opener for me. This is one of my favourite outfits that I have made in ages and it cost me $0!! I think I will be doing a lot more up-cycling. It is obviously cheaper but it also made me feel good to take something old and unused and give it new life.

I was given a lot of clothes by friends and family when I mentioned I was doing this project. It took me the longest time to sort through and decide on the colour palate. These are the items I chose...

A short sleeved men's shirt, a pair of women's slacks and a long sleeved knit top.

 And... here is what I came up with...

Ruffle Peplum
From the men's button up shirt and some white poplin I had left over from another project I made this ruffle peplum. I used the bodice from the Tinny Pattern and added two layers of ruffles to the bottom. I had recently used the Tinny for my entry in the August Flip This Pattern on Frances Suzanne and I knew it was a perfect fit for Eloise. Next time I will lengthen the bodice or ruffles a little as it is only JUST long enough. I will also add another button just above the ruffles as I found it opened up a bit when she was wearing it.

3/4 Shorts
I used the women's pants and a small amount of the men's shirt (for the inside waist band and pocket linings) and some red bias binding I had leftover from a jacket I made. I used the free Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern from the sew along on Craftstorming. I made my first pair a couple of weeks ago and fell in love. I chose to shorten them to make 3/4 shorts. They came out a bit long (I made them late one night when Eloise was asleep) but they also have an adjustable waist so they will grow with her for quite a while yet.

I used the knit T-shirt and a basic T-shirt pattern and drafted my own pattern for this little cardigan. Then I made a long tie out of the remnants. I will do a up a tutorial for this on my blog very soon.

Street Kred Cap
I was selected to test the Street Kred Cap from Apple + Fig Patterns (nothing like a last minute addition to the outfit, right?) and had JUST enough of the pants and shirt left with the addition of some red quilting cotton, I had already, to make it up. I used part of the pants pocket/waist band on one of the hat pieces as a feature. I had about 10cm of piping left after I made this so I think it was meant to be :)  Keep an eye out for this cool pattern release in the next week. I will be blogging about my pattern test this week.

I will do up some tutorials for the top and the cardigan and a pattern test review on the hat as soon as I can.

And for good measure some unashamed photo bombing of my little Eloise in her new outfit...

She has definitely got some "street Kred" in this ensemble

Eloise showcasing her range of "serious" modelling poses ;)

Thanks again Suzanne, for inviting me, I had so much fun and now Eloise has four new garments for spring :)

Kerry xx

Thank YOU so much Kerry for joining me in this endeavor!!!  I think my favorite part of this outfit is the red piping and stitching on the pants - sooooooo my style!  I can't wait for the Cardi tutorial on your blog, I have a few t'shirts that I'll just have to set aside for that!!!  And I want the shoes!!!  I also love how friends and family came out of the woodwork to give you things.  When I started, I only had my own closet to pull from... now I get donations from family and friends all the time!!!

Keep uploading those images of your own Operation Project $0 creations to the Flickr Group!


  1. It's adorable! I can't believe she made such a cute FOUR piece outfit out of three simple items!

  2. Wow! Great job upcycling so many pieces. Love it!

  3. Thanks ladies, this was such a fun experience for me.

  4. Love this little outfit - I too have several (lots) of shirts set aside for cardis for my 6yo... thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow!!! Love it! all the pieces are just perfection.