Monday, September 16, 2013

Operation Project $0: Day 11... a Hodgepodge of fun

Welcome to the start of week three of Operation Project $0.. you can catch up on all the other posts bu scrolling down through them and clicking 'older' over and over and over, or you can go tot he original Post for this year HERE and find all the links at the bottom ;o)

Ok, so today I want to share some of what YOU have been making.  I absolutely love seeing other people's creations and what they are inspired to do with $0 (or close to $0)!!!

  • Spurofthemoment linked up this great sweater upcycle - I love making new sweaters out of old ones, especially when you get to keep the great knit details like original hems and cuffs!

Next...did you see my sweet little Wolfie sew along with Project Run and Play - well guess what ... it was an upcycle!!!   Yep, that gorgeous grey wool was from an old skirt, the white corduroy was leftovers from a project my mom did when my brother was in high school (umm we're talking over 10 years ago!).  The buttons were once again from my button jar... and the black bias tape - well I don't have any black cotton in my stash... so that is the selvage edge of some black eyelet (ok technically no longer 'bias' tape and the reason it doesn't lay quite perfectly, but hey - you work with what you've got!) You can see more pictures HERE.

And then there are my $1 pants.... gasp - I know... I SPENT MONEY ON FABRIC!  Yes, I know  it seems rather scandalous.  But I found this great stretch pinstripe jean fabric at Walmart this summer for $1 a yard... I couldn't leave it there.  I bought a few yards and am now wishing I had bought the whole bolt!!!  I used the free Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern from Titchy Threads (size 2T only).  So, free pattern and a little less than a yard of fabric = $1 pants! *As much as I want to encourage people to use what they have or can re-purpose, I also want to show that sewing doesn't have to be expensive if you watch for those perfect steals!

Now this is the end of seeing GIRL things from me in this season (or at least until the end...).  This week I am sewing for my BOYS ONLY!  But, I wont have those projects to share with you until next week.  So, in the meantime keep coming back to show some love to the awesome guest posters we have lined up for the week!

And keep adding those pictures to the Flickr group, I'll feature more next week!!!


  1. That stripey dress is so cool and I love that sweater refashion!

  2. Why can't I find those deals? That fabric you used in the skinny jeans is adorable!

  3. I love the wolfie dress! It's ADORABLE!

  4. What is the story on those amazing $1 walmart fabrics? I run across some great stuff every once in a while--just enough to keep me checking back in, because...$1 a yard! I would have gone crazy with that stretch denim :) I'm working on a flower girl dress for my daughter right now out of Walmart $1/yard fabric!

  5. Yay! It's so fun to see so many people upcycling! Thanks for the mention and for making this a series this year, Suzanne!

  6. All these beautiful garments are making me miss my machines even more! LOL Another 1 1/2 weeks till I can sew again. :)