Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Welcome back to Operation Project $0!!!  Today I have Marigold of Hideous, Dreadful, Stinky here to share the awesome vest she made for her son.  I first stumbled upon her blog about a year ago from a link up party.  Her awesome name was enough to pique my interest, and then I quickly discovered the world of unique crafts and tutorials that abound.  I know every time there is a new post that it is going to blow my mind... here are just a couple...
Marigold has the most amazing quirky sense of humor, and talent coming out the wazooo, and I'll be honest - I never expected her to say YES to guest posting on my blog.... But here she is!!!!

Hi there! I'm Marigold from a little blog on the other side of the Internet called Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! I'm so happy to be invited here today for Operation: Project $0. I love making something new from something old, but, honestly, I don't do it often enough. I have a huge stash of old clothes with "someday I will do something with this" written all over them, and I'm so glad that Suzanne asked me to participate in this operation and gave me a little motivation!
For this project, I took an old pair of my jeans and a shirt of my husband's with a little mustard stain on it. And I turned it into...a supa fly lined denim vest!

upcycled kids' vest from jeans and dress shirt

It came together pretty quickly, and I love the totally 80's style! It looks great over a Donkey Kong tee. And it's actually a really practical item for our mild SoCal fall and winter, where a jacket is often too warm.

denim vest from old jeans

There are a few fun details that I'm pleased with. I like the way the jean's inseams added a nice detail to the button placket. I also took the coin pocket from the jeans and stitched it onto the chest. It's the perfect size!

denim vest from jeans

For the back, I had to stitch together a couple of pieces from the legs to make a piece of fabric large enough to fit my kindergartner. I like the striations in the denim moving at different angles. I also made a little tie in the back - although, I think I might like to change that to an adjustable buckle since he doesn't like the thick knot when he sits down. Overall, not bad for $0!

For more upcycled projects, check out my teepee made from men's shirts and my boy's tie from a man's tie!
Thank you so much for being Here today Marigold!!!!  I love this little vest so much, and your son is so handsome.

If you have been inspired to create something for $0 (or close to $0), make sure to enter it in the Flickr Group so that I can feature it next week!!!

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