Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Operation Project $0: Day 22, PANTS PANTS PANTS!!!

I legitimately get to say that three times today, as I made three versions of the brand spanking new and just released Rosemary and Thyme Pants by Stitchwerx Designs.  And they all fit into Operation Project $0!
*This pattern will release on Wed, October 9th at an amazing introductory price!!!

I tend to go for classic modern looks for my children - interchangeable pieces that aren't too matchy matchy.  But, as baby girl gets older I am being seriously seduced by the boutique ends of girl clothing - tons of ruffles, coordinating fabrics, a hint of vintage flair.  I'm taking baby steps ;o)

Anyway - the cool thing about these pants is that they can bridge the gap for me between classic modern and boutique.  They come with options for shorts, capris, or pants; a contrasting band, single ruffle, or double ruffle; and TWO pocket options.  Great options from a single pattern!!!  Kim, the genius behind Stitchwerx, made sure to create a great fitting stovepipe pant with a ride that is higher in the back than the front and accommodates diapered bums perfectly.

These pants are already be worn on a regular basis in our house and are perfect for fall and spring - only time will tell how those ruffles hold up in winter snow ;op

I am so happy that I was able to test this pattern! Free Pattern = $0

The White pair are made from a polyester skirt that was handed down to me and the grey bands are leftover scraps from a quilt my mom made for my niece.  Materials: $0

The Grey pair were once a pair of maternity pants, since I never plan on being pregnant again, lets cut those babies up!!! I really love the look of the double ruffle.  Materials: $0

The Brown pair were another maternity pant throw away, I love the fabric on these!  I used scraps from another outfit I made for baby girl to line the pockets. These have the single ruffle.  Materials: $0
***The Brown pair were from the second round of testing after Kim reworked the rise and fit, the proportions are spot on in the final version!***

*poor baby girl was soooooo sick when I was trying to take these pictures

I did have to use elastic I bought at the store(I can occasionally salvage elastic from old things, but I didn't have any on hand for these)  - but all three pairs took less than one spool of $2.00 elastic... so we'll say maybe $1.50 worth of elastic.

$1.50 total for THREE pairs of pants - I'll take it ;o)

You still have time to enter your own $0 creations to the Flickr Group - there are so many GREAT projects over there, so make sure you go check them out!!!  I'll be highlighting some of my favorites tomorrow!


  1. Amazingly thrifty! I love it! Thanks for using my pants pattern! I hope you get lots of use as your lo grows!

  2. Very nice! I am finding that the hard thing is that as my kids get bigger, their clothes require more fabric. I am still hoping to figure out some dresses for my oldest daughter, though.

  3. Love Kim's patterns! Great project, they're are adorable

  4. I like pieces that aren't too matchy too:) You have a great eye for creating and photography and your children are beautiful - thanks for a great series!