Friday, October 25, 2013

Kids Clothing Week

Hey - It probably feels like I have disappeared since the end of the Project $0 series - I've been sewing up a storm, but a large part of it went off to Quilt Market and I can't share it quite yet...
But I have been sewing for KCW - I just love Kids Clothing Week.  I have been mostly sticking to the one hour each day because this is a busy week for me, but it is amazing how much you can accomplish in that little time.

Over the weekend I whipped up my baby girl's Halloween Costume (this is a modification of the Amelia Peasant Dress by 5 Berries using the tutorial found HERE).

Then On Monday I cut out two Norahs by Mouse House Creations and on Tuesday I sewed them both up (you can see my full review of them HERE)

On Wednesday I cut out some Peek A Boo Skinny Jeans and the Four Seasons Peasant Dress By Foo FOO Threads.  I got the Skinnies all sewn up on Thursday - they look so good on my boy (next time I will increase the rise of the yoke of the back for m boy's bubble butt)

I'm hoping I can sew up the dress today... all in all a successful week I think ;o)

What have you been sewing up for KCW?????


  1. um how stylish are your kiddos? i especially love the red dress. also, collars!

  2. I do agree that it is amazing to see how much you can accomplish wonderful works in that little time! Great job! I love your sweet Norah top, so cute!

  3. Been missing you! Again, you came back with wonderful pieces... I always wonder how you do it with three kids so close in age and so young still. I truly admire you! =D Can't wait to see what else you've been sewing. I skipped KCW this time.