Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy November!!!!

I love Halloween - I love dressing up, I love candy, I love the fact that when I take my kids trick or treating or sit at the door and hand out candy, I am actively making the choice to meet my neighbors.  I live in an adorable and very friendly neighborhood, but we are all so busy and I rarely see any of my neighbors.  Last night I realized how many kids are in our little community - how many young families... I hope we get to see them again, and I hope it doesn't take until NEXT Halloween.

B: 'I NEEDS Candy'
Baby Girl: 'Please Mama'
A: I wonder what machines were use to make this genius box...

But on to November - I love November! The weather starts getting cold, it is a month of giving THANKS, it contains my birthday and Thanksgiving, and honestly it is the prelude month to Christmas - the month where you start making plans and seeing decorations but don't have to stress or worry that is is right around the corner.

I hope this is the start of a great month for you!!!!

Huge Hugs, 
The Winter Crew


  1. Suzanne, you did a great job. I love their costumes. So unique. I would love if you would link this up to our Halloween linkup party. All of the links we will be pinning and replaying next year on our social media.
    With Love,

  2. They look all so cute... and grown up. I love your pirate crew! I really like November too, and I wish you a good month, now let's get ready for Christmas!