Saturday, November 16, 2013

Catching Up!

I feel like I am constantly going through fast forwards and lulls in my blogging - but it is mainly because I am in fast forward mode though most of my life.  When I make concrete blogging commitments I do a good job sticking with them (overall), but when the rest of life gets a little TOO crazy... the blog is the first thing I let go of to get things back on track.
But don't for a second think that means I'm not still sewing!!!  Taking a little time here or there to sew keeps me calm and makes me feel like I am doing something for me ;o)

So here is what I have been up to!

Well, I am currently teaching a sew along with Whimsical Fabric for the Oliver&S Field Trip Outfit.  There are awesome prizes along the way, so if you have the pattern and have been wanting to sew it up, join it on the fun!

I also made up the Foo Foo Threads Four Seasons Flat Front Peasant Dress (wow, a mouthful of a name) for baby girl.  This is such an adorable pattern and has tons of variations built in.  I added in the center panel of contrast fabric for the bib to match the sash.  Next time I am going to do the gathered sleeves!!!

These little cuties are heading out to a shower tomorrow.  They are made from the free Birtch Pattern for Henry&Helga.

The last thing I made recently was for ME!!!!  I made myself the Swoon Scarf Neck Cardi - OMG, I love it... and I have no pictures of me in it,  But you can read a great review HERE.  My mom saw it on my and immediately asked for one for Christmas!  WOOT!!!

This week I'll get to share over at Mouse House Creations as part of the Homemade Holiday Series, and you'll see me over at FrancesSuzanne in December for my second try at the FLIP series - Shwin&Shwin's  Number 9 Trousers.

What have you been up to?  Any big plans on the horizons for the Holidays?


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  1. You exhaust me I see all you do and have no idea how you keep up with all the blogging, sewing and 3 kids. You are awesome. I hope you will show us Swoon Cardigan soon. I have started sewing for myself a little more too, I made a top for myself as part of a See Kate Sew pattern test and I am also taking a craftsy class with a bunch of knit women's patterns.