Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sweet As Pie

This week's challenge at Project Run and Play is Fall holiday wear.    At first I was not super inspired for this week's challenge, then I remembered an old sweater of my husbands (that he HATES).  It is a gorgeous burnt orange, zips up the front, and is made of a super stretchy and comfy knit - I wore it many a time during my two pregnancies.

The color reminds me of pumpkin pie - so I'm serving pumpkin pie three ways! (sorry, only one got done for this week, but I'll show you the boys' asap - they are getting sweaters and pants made with the same orange sweater and navy&cream knits).

To me Thanksgiving is a day where you dress up - but you still want to be comfy, you need room in your clothes for all that great food.  And honestly, you are going to be sitting around or playing most of the day -so clothes that don't get rumpled and are easy to move in are a must!

First, a helping of baby girl:
I drafted a pattern for a simple drop waist jumper.  I set the zipper off to the side to keep it more modern and intentional. The front was interesting because I needed to cut it in one piece because of the zipper (the pattern I have created is two separate pieces - I can't wait to make this again out of an easier to use knit)- but I wanted the front to have pleating. ~Why oh why do I get these crazy ideas in my head that just serve to make life more complicated ;op  The back I cut all in one. I trimmed it with navy jersey (From an XL jersey dress), and added navy jersey flowers with pearl-escent buttons it keep it feminine.  I added leggings made of the same fabric and a hair band with another flower - 'cause every little girl needs hair accessories!

The pictures of her in it are horrible to the point of hilarity, but I just didn't have time for a 'real' photoshoot.  Since this outfit is for Thanksgiving (6 weeks away)  I cut it a bit long  - she grows taller by the minute!

 'Hi, look at me in my pretty dress'

That HAIR - I just can't help but giggle!!!


  1. This is really adorable. Did you use the existing zip or put in a new one? The offset is a great idea!

  2. Gorgeous! Your outfits inspire me so much :) I never would have thought to make a sweater dress like this with such lovely details <3 And that color! So pretty on your cutie girl.
    Bonnie MS