Monday, October 15, 2012

KCWC Wrap Up

WOW - I was feeling 100% burned out going into the past week.  I just wasn't feeling the sewing bug and I was starting to get down on myself.

The first couple days I sewed for the allotted time just trying to force myself to get the Project Run and Play look done - I am happy with that outfit, but it just didn't feel inspiring to make.  Once I had that done, I really started LOOKING at the KCWC flicker group.... ok, these women are phenomenal.  I saw so many inspiring things and realized that most of the looks (for little girls) that I love best come from Oliver and S patterns - so if you are looking for Christmas gifts for me ... ;op
I was inspired by an adorable faux fur vest that Kate from See Kate Sew made - like 'stop the presses I must make that NOW' inspired.  Baby girl chews on EVERYTHING she wears, so I figured I would start with a shorter/softer fur - and I knew that I had the perfect thing.  I have a piece of faux lamb that I use as a basket filler when photographing newborns - but it has always been a bit big, so I just cut off enough for the little vest... of course then I had to go back and make a second one because the first didn't have enough wiggle/growing room.
Once I made those, I was chomping at the bit to sew something else.  I was just given a piece of pink corduroy by a friend (who had actually been given the fabric by my mom - silly crazy world).  And I knew it had to be a coat.  I have no coat pattern - and no cute coat in the right size to create a pattern off of....hmmmmmm.  BUT I did have a re-sized vest pattern that I knew fit baby girl (thanks to Kate!!!), so I adapted it:  changed the neckline, added more fullness to the body to give more of an A-line, and drafted sleeves to fit the arm hole opening (let me just say drafting sleeves without a french/armscy ruler is no fun). And last, I added the ruffle - I didn't go all the way around like the inspiration, I thought that might be a bit much for this age/stage (almost 6 months).
The one sad moment in making the coat was the realization that the best lining fabric I had was my final project for my patterning/draping class in college (a 19th century Jane Auten-esque dress that I got an A+++++++ on, yep that grade exists - at least in my head).  I could have used something else, but the stripe was the perfect color.
Then of course baby girl needed just a simple little grey knit dress (using the same pattern as the sweet as pie dress) - I just added 3/4 sleeves to it.

So here is what I made in ONE week: (I did sew way more than 1hr per day this weekend - and during the week ;op)

(J.Crew version $69.50, Mine - free)

Whew - I think I am taking the week off after that!!!!


  1. A++++++mazing! You did fabulously! I, um, cut out a pattern this week. Lol!

  2. Wonderful! What an awesome collection!
    Bonnie MS