Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Project Run and Play Finale...

So the final week of PR&P is 'signature look'.  It is all about expressing our style, what we love, what we have to say, who we are.  And I seriously thought about sewing NOTHING!  I don't have a defined style yet, my kids are still very young and I've only recently started sewing for them.  My style for myself is slightly better defined and that translates into what I make for my children - clean lines, comfortable, classic.  I still feel that I am at the place where it is easier to say what I DONT like than what I do... but that all feeds into creating a personal style, I guess.

I've looked back through the things I have made and the things I have pinned to make and I do see a general scheme of cohesion with a few wacky pieces thrown in here or there.  And I guess at the end of the day, the realization hits that I DO have a style.  It still may be loosely defined, but it is there.

What is it you ask???

THIS (at least for baby girl)

-Clean lines with a touch of femininity (ok, pink may be overwhelming femininity .. but this is more of a dusty rose than an 'in your face' hot pink.)
- Neutrals mixed with a pop of color  (this grey dress will grow with her into a top and then I'll make more in bigger sizes ;op)
- Unique detail.  (I love both the color and texture of the leggings - and yet they aren't overwhelming since they are under the grey, and the grey dress has the band and ruffle at the bottom, just a small detail that keeps it from being too boring)
- COMFORTABLE!!!  I want the things I make for the kidlets to be clothes they will wear over and over and over.  Things they can move in, play in, and be cuddled in.  Don't get me wrong - I love dress up/frilly clothes - and every collection on the runway needs that gorgeous gown to close the show, it just won't be my 'signature' look.
-Upcycled ~ oh yeah, almost forgot that aspect, about 90% of the materials I use are stolen from something else ;o)

Through PR&P, I have come to the realization that I LOVE coats.  This should not be a shocking discovery to me - I think I own 15 or more coats.  Every Christmas/Birthday I ask for a new style/color wool coat, I picked up a great red one at a yard sale this summer so I think everyone is off the hook this year - but I still don't have a pretty grass/kelly green  or a peacock blue coat in my wardrobe yet ;op

Here are more details:
(All patterns were self drafted)
Leggings~ Made from the sleeves of a T-shirt
Dress~ Made from an oversized paper weight cotton T (love the material, just hated the cut on me)
Coat~ Outer made from rose corduroy given to me by a friend (left over from a project)
           Lining made from an early 19th century dress I made in college


  1. Beautifully made! And what a cutie! I don't know how you kept up sewing every week with three children...I'm totally impressed!

    1. Awww - thanks so much Heidi, I realized early on that I had to create my own form of 'winning' the sew along - and that would be getting an entry done for each week ;o) I'm pretty competitive, so that was my motivation to not let up... I guess now that it is all over, I should clean my disaster of a house!

  2. Really cute outfit! Having to define your style is a good exercise every once in awhile. I like what you came up with. My favorite is the detail on the skirt of the dress.

    1. thank so much Jenni - I have a feeling that my style will keep evolving, and I love that things like PR&P will keep pushing me to re-evaluate what it is.

  3. She is such a doll! You are so talented!

  4. What a cutie! Love the outfit- especially the coat!!

  5. Lovely Pink Coat..!! nd adorable baby snaps.
    Following you from the draft along at Sewcountry chick.. - Diya