Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Operation Project $0 Round Up

So it is officially over - Operation Project $0 that is, not my sewing ;o)

I am so glad that I was able to place this challenge on myself and accomplish so much over the course of the last 2 months.  I essentially went from not sewing much of anything (other than fixing a hem or a button) for the last 5 years - to attempting to sew an entire wardrobe for my little men.

Here is what I finnished:

1 - 4 Made 90min shirts
2 - 2 shirts of my own design
3 - 2 pairs of  Khakis
4 - 1 pair of lined wool pants
5 - 1 pair of plaid dress pants
6 - 2 hoodies
7 - 1 sweater 
8 - 1 hat
9 - 1 bow tie
10- 1 blazer
11 - 1 hooded fall jacket

So, since the launching point of this personal challenge was to save money lets see approximately what I saved by making these articles of clothing myself. (I'm using Old Navy for general price points - other stores or boutiques could be much higher)

Long sleeve T shirts: about $9
                                        = $54

Khakis: $15
            = $30

Wool Pants: $25 (they didn't have wool pants, so this was the only lined comparable)

Plaid Dress Pants: $15

Hoodies:  $13
               = $26

Sweater:  $15

Hat: $13

Bow Tie:  $17  (ok, ON doesn't carry separate ties online, so I used for the price comparison)

Blazer: $35 (that is for a basic uniform blazer)

Hooded Fall Jacket:  $40 (the closest comparable was in the boy's section)


I am so thankful to every friend and family member who has supported me through this endeavor.  I started with this tiny stash of upcycle-able clothes that served no good on their former state, and now I have 17 pieces of clothing for my boys AND a huge stash of donated clothes that keeps pouring in.  I'll take pictures at some point this week to show you all!!!  I can't believe the outpouring of encouragement I have received.
Stay tuned for round two in February 2013 - there will probably be a larger amount of sewing for baby girl, but I won't be leaving out the boys! 

This week I am participating in KCWC (Kids Clothing Week Challenge).  Essentially it is a group of people committing to sew for their kids one hour each day this week (sew, pattern, cut fabric, design, etc....).  This is great for me since I seem to have days that I don't 'feel' like working on anything and other days where I want to sew for hours an hours to finish something - consistency keeps my skills up and projects moving forward.

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