Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Operation: Project $0... coming to an end

Ok - so I know my deadline was officially October 1st, and that was yesterday.  But since I made the rules, I can change them.  Project Run and Play is doing 'Boy Week', so I am allowing myself to finish up a few projects this week to still be included in Project $0.  And I mean really - I should have just given myself 2 full months from the start!

This Friday I 'should' have some great pictures posted of my favorite two looks I've made over the last two months.  And then next week I will have a round up of everything I've accomplished.  So keep an eye out!!!

Yes the one blazer is as close to TWO suits as I got, but I knew that was a stretch from the beginning.   I do have the material to make a second blazer for B, so that will get done at some point.   A will get a coordinating look to B's Andre 3000 look.  And I am sure I will be making more bow ties and hats through the cooler months.

As of now it looks like this will be my final list of accomplishments - not bad for my first fore into challenging myself to do a whole season's collection.
 6 shirts
4 pairs of pants
2 hoodies
1 sweater
1 hat
1 bow tie
1 blazer
1 hooded fall jacket

There is still time to enter your own creations in the flikr group - I would love to have one or two bloggers who participated do a guest post about their own adventures in upcycling here on my blog!

Thanks for joining me and encouraging me along the way!!!

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