Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween... decisions, decisions...

(this photo was from our OBX trip in Sept, but it is so perfect for today!)

So today is Halloween - notice you haven't seen any other posts on my blog about this holiday... Halloween is actually one of my favorite holidays - come on, give a theatre girl some costumes and free chocolate, and whats not to love?  Sadly this year, things just haven't turned out as planned.

Sandy canceled my pumpkin decorating party, I've had a sinus infection for a while,I got food poisoning on monday and just haven't had the energy to crank out fun crafts or the zoo keeper hats I had planned for hubs and I.  We got the kids out to a local trick or treat at the Ball Park, but didn't get any pictures of them in costume.  And now it is cold and rainy and the kiddos are mucus filled little monkeys.

So do I dress them up and drag them out in the rainy cold while they are already sick???  Do I dress them up, drag them out to the indoor trick or treating at the mall???  Or do we as a family say, 'whatever, we'll do it up right next year' and instead go to the gym (and possibly infect numerous other kiddos)???

I want pictures and memories and proof that I was the awesome mommy who didn't miss chances for celebration in the midst of chaos... but sometimes mommy just wants to roll over, cuddle up with a blanket and a mug of tea, and watch a good movie.

Oh well, tomorrow is November - and will bring with it lots of fun new things.  Stay tuned!!!

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