Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Making Changes to Give Thanks

My family has a history of HUGE holiday celebrations. Even if we can't get a huge group of people together, we never skimp on a feast for thousands. Food is one of the love languages of my family... food, food, and more FOOD.

Here's the problem: since adding 3 little ones to the picture, elaborate meals mean stress rather than a joyous time of celebrating. I have two toddlers - they aren't picky eaters, but they are toddlers. They also have a schedule. They need to eat and sleep at certain times otherwise they are TERRORS. I think 1 terror at a family event can possibly be pacified, but TWO just feed off each other - then add in the baby's needs and it can become a circus of crazy.

So, this year Hubs and I talked and decided to scale down. Simple nice meal that is kid friendly at a kid eating time~ 11:30-12.
Boneless Ham (super small, will cook in the crock pot)
Salad Rolls (Kings Hawaiian are a family tradition)
Green Bean Casserole - provided by mom
Potatoes - provided by mom
Banana Cream Pie
Apple Pie 'A la Mode'

 That is it. No crazy huge turkey. No stuffing. No cranberry jiggling goop. No random recipe creations made out of squash.

The result of this scaling back is that I get to spend the morning WITH my family rather than crammed in a kitchen trying to perfectly time 20 dishes to the end time on the turkey. I can cuddle my babies, watch the parades on TV, and listen to my mom tell stories (rather than listening for a timer to go off).

And after lunch the babies will go down for a nap and we will be able to relax rather than spending the next 3 hours cleaning up and packing up all the left overs.

I'll be honest, my mom is NOT as thrilled about this year's event. But I think we will all be happier in the end. And since I don't have to focus on menu planning for tomorrow, I can focus on what I am Thankful for. 

-My three gorgeous babies
-Spontaneous hugs
-An amazing mother
-A Business that slowly continues to grow
-Friends who love me
-My church family
 -MY HUSBAND (save the best for last)

 Have Great Thanksgiving!!!!
From My Zoo to Yours

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  1. Have a beautiful and very happy Thanksgiving this year Suzanne! Have a blast and enjoy!