Friday, November 16, 2012

Handcrafted Christmas: Wearables

So this week I have been entrenched in finishing my knock off submission for Elegance and Elephants.  It has been an adventure to say the least ;op

But thanks to one of my amazing friends, I got 2 hours to go out shopping BY MYSELF!!!  I was able to pick up most of the remaining supplies I need for my gift making, WoooHoooo.  Hopefully this weekend I can start making at least one gift per day to be on track with enough time for shipping - gahhh shipping ;op

Today I have  round up of great wearable gifts for all those loved ones - who ever has enough clothing???  I'll have a separate jewelry/accessories post!

Easy peasy, and could work for Men or Women

How sweet are these!  You could use the tutorial above and then add the smaller sized half on top.

Coordinating outfits are easy if you find a cool fabric print - don't forget a great bow ;o)

Every baby and toddler needs a gazillion of these, why haven't I made any for my kiddos yet????

Warm and toasty tootsies - they take so little time to make, and could work well for little boys with the right fabric.

For siblings, the whole family, cousins... the possibilities are endless.  And all kids need pj pants.

HAHAHAH, these would be great for kids and kids at heart!

*this design is a bit complicated, but here are great instructions for freezer paper stenciling

*you could also use the freezer pencil stencil method above rather than embroidery

A great gift for that master griller in your life

This trend is so popular, and these are so easy to make.  Use any fabric and vary lengths to get scarves with different looks.

Hope you like these ideas!!!  What have you been working on this week???  Can you believe that Thanksgiving is less than a week away, WOW!

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