Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hand Crafted Christmas

I got ONE present made this weekend... for A, well this present is going to be replicated for a few others, and I needed to make one pair first to make sure they will work right.  It seemed best to make the test pair for one of my own kiddos.

This was on my list of Wearables, and seriously - what child doesn't need a few spare pairs of PJ pants.  Particularly toddlers who sleep through the night but often have diapers that don't hold out ;op

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this fabric.  It is a lightweight flannel that I picked up at Joanne's during their Moonlight Madness sale.  It isn't the softest flannel ever, but the print is so cute and boyish; and it is still soft.

(hmmm grey, black, and red - wonder why I love it so much ;op)

I will hem these once I try them on my insanely tall boys

I even made a little tag out of the fabric to distinguish the back - I might write something on it with a fabric pen.
and the back

I'm thinking of picking up a package of white T's and appliqueing one of the bears on it so that he will have a matching shirt... we shall see......

I'm also considering buying a coordinating fabric to make cuffs, but that means more shopping, and more work.  The greatest thing is that these pants whip up so quickly.  I could add pockets too, but do 20 month olds really need pockets???


And a little peak at something I've been working on for a niece

And some awesome vintage patterns my mom has lent me for a little bit - I really need to go look through her stash!!!

I want to make this for baby girl... It would work as an awesome top with a little bit of added length, as well as the cute PJs it is supposed to be ;o)

What have you been up to - anything crossed off your list so far?????

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