Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Knock off dilemma...

Ok - As you already know I am going to be guest posting at Elegance and Elephants in the  'Knock it Off' series.  You would think by this point I would have my project nailed down, the finish product done, pictures taken, and simply the blog post left to write.... well, ummm that would have been the case.  But it seems my knock off button is temporarily on the fritz.

I love knock offs!!!

 This coat is a knock off of a gap coat

This jacket is a 'simplified' knock off of a J Crew look (it's funny, Peekaboo patterns has an amazing knock off pattern of this jacket - but I didn't know that when I made my variation ;op)

And these shirts are a knock off of a fashion tee I found on Pinterest (from guylook.com, but it isn't available any more)

So what you may ask is the problem????
Well, when I agreed to do this series I didn't have a project in mind, so I started looking everywhere for inspiration.  I wanted to try not to do something that I had seen on anyone's blog recently, but I don't know the blogging world well enough to ensure that I achieve that.  I also knew that it would be a refashion, so I needed to work with supplies I had on hand.
I landed on this

No, baby girl does not need one more Christmas dress - but this just caught my eye and I KNEW I had the perfect fabric for a fancy dress (an old cranberry satin bridesmaid dress - who says it can't be worn again!)

With the help of my genius sister, I figured out how pattern the ruffles (thank you LBB) and created a pattern.  I cut the pieces, rendering the dress to shreds of its former self, and then started trying to do a rolled hem on 14 CURVED pieces of satin... I don't own a rolled hem foot, my serger does not do a pretty rolled hem, I refuse to leave a raw edge on a fancy garment (I just can't do it - the bias challenge on PR&P helped me, but I still can't do it).  I got to the point that I almost threw the whole thing away.  My mom came to my rescue with not one, but two machines with rolled hem feet - and together we spent 2 hours (over nap time) learning how to do a rolled hem and doing it, with varied levels of success on 14 curved pieces of satin.  And that is where that project has ended for now.  I just don't love the way it is turning out.  It isn't perfect, it isn't even close to perfect, it currently just makes me sad ;o(  I think the satin is too heavy for a garment originally made of taffeta.

So then I was in love with this top:

So I mocked one up - it isn't bad, but it needs some alterations to be right (and can I just say I HATE when garments aren't shown on a model - makes it so hard to guess the true fit of the original).  I also feel like it just doesn't have the WOW factor.  It is a great staple for baby girl's wardrobe though.

And then there is this:

I love it... I have the materials to make it.  I'm just worried that on my baby it isn't going to work (this is a women's design).  That whole straight dress on a sitting crawling baby (not yet, but by Christmas).  I could give it a little more A-line and maybe a kick in the back - she'd wear it with leggings and a long sleeved T underneath.

So what say you, gurus of the inter-webs???  Finish project A, alter and complete a final version of Option 2, or toss everything else out the window -start from scratch and whip up #3?  I'm starting to run out of time ;op

Help so that I don't have to bow out un-gracefully!!!!!


  1. hmm.. i like the henly- the details are really cute and it's something she could wear quite a bit.

  2. I'm sorry, but I am just SOLD on that first dress! All the ruffles are just too adorable ;)


  3. Haha! I feel like you could have just done this whole post over there!!! To be honest, I usually think of "amazing" things in my head and while I am doing them, I just think it's going to turn out terribly.... then I finish it and I'm usually pleasantly surprised! So, maybe dress A won't be so bad once you're done! But that last dress is pretty fun, so that would be awesome, too! I bet you could make it work!

  4. Whenever I am brainstorming ideas for my kids clothing, I always think of 1) what do they need (and/or will wear)..because making a quality item takes time and energy 2) do I already have the fabric/can I make it work with what I have 3) do I have a pattern I can tweak, or can I make it up as I go along! If I can find something that fits into these criteria..i'm always happy with the outcome. I personally love crew cuts styles...because they mirror my style so much. BUT, I would go with whatever you are most personally drawn to and will benefit your family the most! Good job on the post today at PR&P too..I know how hard it is to do tutorials and do them well! I stressed a lot on what to do for my tutorial, but in the end just went with something I loved and wanted to make for my girls anyway:) Good Luck!

  5. Ok -I ended up deciding on Dress A (mainly because the majority of the HARD work was done ;op) I'll still be perfecting the Henley and making the last dress too, they just might get put off until AFTER Thanksgiving.

  6. I totally pinned the first dress yesterday to do my own knockoff, before I read this post today. I am excited to see what your knockoff looks like.

    1. hahah - it really is eye catching in that 'I could totally pull that off' kind of way, isn't it ;o)

  7. I am new to you site and had a few questions. First where did you learn to sew and second do you make your own patterns or do you get them some where? I have a few kiddos and always wanted to sew clothes for them but I don't know where to start can you or any of your readers help me find a good way to start.