Thursday, September 6, 2012

Operation: Project $0 (week 4)

Woahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, how did we get to week four?!?!?!?!?

This week has been an absolute blur - between a recovering baby boy, the holiday weekend, trips back and forth to the 2 hour away hospital for checkups, a dental appointment, and photography sessions; I feel like my brain is about 2 days behind my body.

I have made steps forward, and I have stalled out on some projects; but I will say the forward momentum wins ;o)

This week I:
         ~ Patterned a Suit jacket (yes I should have just bought Melly's amazing pattern, but my friend had a jacket that was the right size that I could pattern - and free just wins out right now!)
        ~ Attempted to dye fabric, yeah I don't know about this one ;o(
        ~ Made the pants for PR&P fashion icon week (ok the waistband and hem need to be done, but they are fully lined and pretty)
        ~Patterned a hoodie
        ~ Cut a sweatshirt


here's a glimpse at the week in pictures:
 Jacket to pattern (ignore the stains, it needs to be washed, but it fits B perfectly!)

 Pattern Pieces drawn out on tissue paper

 All my pretty pieces just waiting for that perfect fabric to come along and sweep them off their feet...

 Cutting the sweatshirt from a sweater - there will be some interesting seaming in this piece

 Hello, I am a sheet - they call me MR. sheet

 Laying pattern pieces on Mr. sheet to figure out what needs to be dyed



Ummmmm... that isn't really blue, but the orange isn't bad  (still wet sample strips)

 This wool is gorgeous - light blue and grey (my mom bought a box of woolens from an Auction, for like  $1 years ago - I am so happy she gave me this piece!!!)

 cutting the lining

 two pairs of pants... become one

ummmmm - this is the fabric dry, the blue looks like grey - it is kinda pretty.  But that orange is no longer vibrant.  I am a sad, sad girl.
Anyone have dye advice????

What have you been sewing????

Don't forget to upload your photos to the flicker group!!!

Wonder What Operation: Project $0 is all about???


  1. Can't wait to see the finished projects!!! :) The pants and coat look great so far. :) As far as dyeing, I've found it works best if your fabric is 100% cotton. I dyed a 50/50 cotton/poly with extra salt and twice as much dye and it was pretty until I washed it. A friend said it helps to dry it out in the sun, but I haven't dyed anything else yet.

    1. uggh - of course my sheet is 50/50 cotton/polly ;o( Well maybe I will be happy with the grey (that was supposed to be blue). The orange isn't terrible, I guess, maybe I can double the amount of dye - I did use salt. I also read about microwaving to dye... hmmmm

  2. 1. Call your sister until she answers :)
    2. Never use Rit dye
    3. Dylon is the best local dye available.
    4. Prewash all fabrics prior to dying.
    5. Use your washing machine and manally set to agitate every 15 minutes or so (or whatever the directions say).
    6. Don't take your fabric out until it is way darker than your desired color.
    7. Use washing soda for cottons, or vinegar for woolens, with water in a presoak to help set the dye
    8. Rinse rinse rinse rinse rinse
    9. Dry however you plan to dry the garment.
    10. Wash finished garments on cold in the future.

    That's all I have for now. Dharma Trading company and Pro Chemical have the best dyes available.

    Your stuff is looking awesome!

    1. I know, I know - I needed you. We only have Rit dye in this town. I looked at Dharma on line and got confused and didn't know what to buy ;op I'm terrified to use the washing machine - I read about the microwave or on the stove??? The sheet was prewashed.It was darker - it just didn't take. I have washing soda (arm and Hamer) - I'll try that.
      Now that I hate the rit - what do I do???????? (And thanks)

  3. Oh, Suzanne, I have also had a sad Rit dye experience. I got overwhelmed by Dharma's website, too, and decided to do fabric paint instead on my sheet - which feels like a copout, but I don't have any wiggle room for starting over again. I have used a product called iDye from a fabric store in Seattle (local chain - maybe a local/not Joann's store in your area would have it?). I used some of their greens for costumes last spring and they were very pretty. Good luck!

  4. Near boiling heat is necessary for woolens, silks etc...not cotton :) Washing machines are great because they do the agitating for you and you get the most even color. I have gotten good results from the sink but the color is never absolutely consistent unless I stir the dye the WHOLE time.
    Dharma links for less confusion:
    The general page for grown fabrics (natural fabrics dye the best):
    I recommend this one:
    This is a great set to start with for serious good results dying, since it includes everything plus instructions:
    btw they offer all the instructions on the site for free...and Pro-chem has even better ones in my opinion, so you don't neeeeeeeeed the book. hth much <3

    1. kes - I did a bunch of research and created a bit of a science experiment in my kitchen and got vibrant Orange!!! I am sure 100% cotton and better dye would have gone a long way, but at least this worked using what I had. It was an amalgam of vinegar pre soak, salt with the dye, double the amount of dye, boiling, constant stirring, and a hot vinegar after soak. But it worked!!! The White sheet challenge is saved! Now to get a nice soft grey ;op

  5. hmmmm That's close to how I used to dye wool. Usually you use acid/vinegar for animal products and alkaline/salt products for veggie but I wonder if poly follows the animal side??? Mix black and navy for the grey :)