Friday, August 24, 2012

Project $0: Updates, competitive nature, and sharing the love (week 2)

OK - so here is the run down of where I am currently:
                               ~ 6 shirts DONE
                               ~ Three pants DONE
                               ~ Jacket DONE!!!!

Wanna see the jacket?????  You know you do ;o)


You see, I write my posts during my middle of the night feedings, and I typed that last section Wednesday night, projecting how much I could get done Thursday in order to post on Friday.  I sewed together the cuffs for the jacket, I sewed together the two layers of hood, I then went to top stitch the hood and my needle BROKE, grumble grumble snifflefinx.  This would not be a huge deal, but I broke another needle on Wednesday while going through way too many layers of khaki.  I was down to one needle - a super slim voile needle, I put it in and the machine stopped sewing.  As in, wont make a stitch in any fabric to save its life.  I'm blaming the needle.  So until I get more needles, or figure out what is wrong with my machine, I'm stuck with ALL the pieces of the jacket done and no way to connect them to one another (so frustrating to be so close and SOOOOOOOOOOO far away!).
So let's focus on what is done:
Khaki pants with cargo pocket, flat front/elastic waist, and cuffs


-Docker style khakis: slash pockets, stitched on placket, welt back pockets, hand stitched blind hem



And the poor, poor jacket...


So, I spent my evening doing something else...
Those who know me know that I have a bit of a competitive streak.  I love to play games (particularly Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and my new favorite Dominion) and I may even enjoy occasionally winning.  I have noticed recently though that my normal sweet disposition whilst game playing has become a bit more aggressive since the arrival of my children.  I tend to stuff my emotions during the day to keep a calm exterior for my kids, and it seems those emotions are boiling over onto my friends and family during more intense rounds of game play.  Hmmmmmm, there must be a solution to this dilemma (I can't have everyone I know run for the hills when I need a game fix).
Enter: Project Run and Play.  An online version of the ever popular Project Runway but for KIDS!  And there is a sew along with prizes.  So it is a competition, with no one I actually know, and only a computer screen to yell at when I view all the amazingly talented other entries and realize I don't stand a chance. WOHOOOOOO!!!!!
Every week has a theme, so I started sketching (my figure drawing skills are WAY out of practice)
week 2: Fashion Icon

Week One: Remix of a bias skirt
I have many more ideas, so these may not make the cut.. but we'll see.  I may make one or two things for baby girl, but essentially I will be sewing within the rules of Project $0 (the two overlap).  So every challenge will incorporate something for the boys and must be something that enhances their fall/winter wardrobe.  I will also only be sewing with upcycled materials or things I have in my fabric stash (sooooo happy I have a twin white sheet on had for week three!).

So, if my machine ever works again, the Suits are 100% back in the running.  My Mom and sister both shared some wool suiting that they had left over in their own stashes... SCORE!
Here is the piece from my mom - it has really nice light blue and grey tones in it.  AND she let me borrow her serger.... ahhhhhhh serger ;o)

Sharing Some Love
Have you visited the flicker group?  No????  What are you waiting for?  There are already some amazing things being shared!  Here are two of my favorites so far.
I just love that they are red, and that little fire engine is beyond cute!!!

I love this simple dress that looks anything but simple.  Black and white is always classic, and the fact that she made the dress, bag, flower pin, and bloomers(not shown) from her materials is awesome!
Thank You for sharing in the group Threading My Way

Click HERE to see and join the fliker group!
Operation: Project $0  BEGINNING              WEEK ONE

Had any sewing catastrophes of late???  Someone amuse me with your own horrendous tale of woe!  Pretty Please.

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  1. Hi there,
    Thank you so much for following along with the first ever ‘Friday Chaos’. Hope you come back again next week.

    I have just reached my first milestone on my blog and I’m hosting a mini give away be sure to stop by and check it out!

    Look forward to seeing you again next week.

    Lotte xoxo

  2. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog! Nice to come across another twin mom :) My son and girls are just under 2 years a part in age. What an adventure, huh? LOL What a gift to be able to sew for our children. When my son was little, I made him shorts in every sports or cartoon-themed fabric I could find. Those were the days when seams would still hold up on the light weight cotton fabrics. LOL

  3. Woo!Hoo! Another twin mom this way! Hi Suzanne! Thank you for visiting my blog this morning. Your blog is awesome (Just subscribed). I look forward to seeing your creations in this seasons Project Run and Play. I participated in the sew-along last season, and it was so much fun! I hope to play along this season as well if I can find some spare time.

    Have a terrific day and week!

    God bless!

  4. I hate when I'm in the middle of a sewing project and my sewing machine decides to go haywire. I used to have quite a few problems with my first sewing machine... so far my new one is treating me well and surely hope it continues to do so:P