Friday, September 21, 2012

Coffee Cup Swap

I had the awesome opportunity to participate in a coffee cup swap put on by Dalayna of and Britt of

Not only was I introduced to many new bloggers, I was able to purchase and receive a mug for/from Jenny of   - you should check out her blog, she is the awesome mama of two boys, she travels with work, takes care of her kids, and still finds time to work out... MY INSPIRATION!

She sent me the sweetest mug.  Large - becasue everyone needs an extra dose of caffine in the morning.  Green - she didn't even know that green is my favorite color (next to red that is, I just can't choose, don't make me choose).  And covered with artistic flowers, in her note she commented that they made her think of my creative femininity; and I just loved that!

So thank you for my mug!!!  (PS - I haven't actually gotten to drink out of it because my husband has stolen it as his new favorite mug - umm hunny, I want my mug back !)

I also left for vacation without taking a picture of said mug - blerg, blog fail.  I'll get a picture added to the post once I get home!

I can't wait to participate in more swaps in the future to get to know more and more of the blogging world!

And since I have no mug picture, I will leave you with a pic of baby girl, hubs and I on vacation:
hahaha - I just love her startled expression (mama never/rarely takes pictures with flash)

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