Monday, September 10, 2012

Whatnot: Vintage Lace Headband Tutorial

Ok, so this is absolutely the EASIEST tutorial I will ever do.

For baby girl's headband I wanted to use some old lace that was in a bag of Goodwill destined clothing my mom handed down to me.  It was delicate, not too wide, and a great off white.

The hardest part of this project was removing the lace from the original garment with a seam ripper - I just wanted to make sure to not destroy the lace in the process (took me about 10 minutes).

All right, once you have your lace, you want to cut two lengths.  Measure from behind your baby/toddler/or adult ear across the crown and behind the opposite ear (if you have three ears, we might have a problem).  Cut one length: that measurement + .5 inch.  Cut 2nd length crown measurement + 1 inch.  Now cut your elastic - mine is soft underwear elastic.  Measure the back of the head and subtract two - or wing it and adjust, you know how you roll.

Now sew the elastic to the lace (I turned the lace under 1/4 inch on each side so there would not be a raw edge).  The key here is to cross the edges of the lace slightly so that they make a small V - this will keep the two layers of lace from hiding underneath one another.  I stitched it down with a zig zag, but a straight stitch would be fine here too.

Try it on and if it fits - wear it out and smile graciously at all the ohhs and ahhhs you will receive.

See I told you, easy peasy!!!!  You could do this with any lace, ribbon, or fabric strips to get matching headbands for a whole slew of outfits!

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  1. This is a great idea! So pretty. You could probably stick anything on that little ones head and it would look gorgeous though....precious! Thanks for sharing at Etcetorize this week~

    1. thanks for the compliment to my precious one, and thanks for hosting the link up party each week!

  2. Baby girl's head is 18 1/2" in case you were wondering ;)

    1. hahahah - I will take that as a hint - continue monitoring it for me as we get closer to Christmas!