Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tee Times 3 by Blank Slate

So we all know I love versatile patterns, and I love upcycling as much as possible.  So I am totally stoked that I got to test the new Tee Times Three pattern by Melissa of Blank Slate Patterns - this is the first release in her fall line 'GRAPHIC'. (affiliate link)

There are tons of great T shirt patterns and free tutorials out there, so what makes this one so special, huh?!?!  Well, to start with, this is a unisex pattern.  OK, I guess most t-shirts could be unisex, but this one gets better.  You start with  the basic T shirt with a ringer collar - a staple that any one needs to have in their tool kit.  This is the kind of basic that Blank Slate is known for, because it truly is a blank slate that can be embellished or tweaked to your heart's content.

woah - did you say embelish??????
The great thing about this pattern is the fit.  I would call this a vintage fit Tee - it isn't boxy, it isn't baggy, it is just a great fitting shirt that isn't going to swallow you child whole. Next, the length.  My boys are two and a half but wear a 3T for length, and even then half the time shirts are too short for their long torsos.  The length on this one is perfect, it hits about high hip and is long enough that he isn't' flashing his diaper at me when he bends over to play.  The pattern includes both short and long sleeved options, so this is a pattern you will be able to make year round! (I chose long sleeved, 'cause I am starting to sew ahead for fall!)

So after the basic T, there is the hoodie - I love me a good hoodie and to me the hood is what makes or breaks a good hoodie pattern.  This is a notched hood pattern, and I love the way it fit my son, not too big not too small (and of course I didn't take any pictures of it up ;op).  It is a lined hood which means you get to have fun with a contrasting color or pattern in the hood.

Then last, there is the Peter Pan collared T for girls - I haven't made it yet, but believe me, it is on the 'to-do' list!
I made the hoodie using two t-shirts in my stash... I love the red and grey combo, it looks great on my boy and will go with anything.  The only draw back to upcycling and hoodies is that the hood takes up A LOT of fabric... so, you will need two shirts at least.  Also, make sure you cut your hood on the correct stretch or you will end up with something that is never going to fit over your child's head - ahhh the dangers of late night sewing ;op

'look Mom, I can make my belly button poke out after eating a TON of pizza!!!'

Expect to see more of these showing up on my children!!!


  1. awesome! I tested the basic tee and love it and have several more of those AND of the hoodie planned! :) Great pics!

  2. I never underestimated the Axman!!!!!! He needed more captions. Just plain fun.

  3. i love the red on him! super cute. xoxo