Monday, July 29, 2013

Living in the Land of Transients

Growing up my family moved... A LOT!!!!  I went to 4 different elementary schools in 3 different states (CA, WI, SC) and one different country (France) before I hit 5th grade.  I hated moving - I always felt betrayed as I was taken away from my friends, teachers, even language; and plopped into a new place where I had to start over again, and again, and again.  Looking back as an adult I can say that all those moves shaped me into who I am , gave me confidence to face any situation or group of people, and made me fairly adaptable.  I do however still hate drastic change and have striven (after 9 moves in 8 years pre-children) to set up a home and roots for my family.
The problem is that I have set up my home in a transient area.  I live in a college town where first our friends came in and out as grad students; and now as professors, post docs, or university workers who are honestly only going to be around for a few years.  And then they leave me.  I mean, they aren't specifically leaving ME - they are transitioning to the next phase of their life, to the bigger and better picture that God has in store for them.  But, it doesn't make me miss them any less.  In all my moves as a child, I never once thought about the struggles for those I left (or maybe they forgot me the day I left); but I have holes from the amazing people who have graced my life and then left it... I make new friends, I move on... but even in the digital age of facebook images and status updates; it isn't the same as actual hugs, real conversations, and the sharing of day to day life.
I am so thankful for my family, for my home, for the amazing friends and community I am surrounded by; but I also want to thank those that have left for having such a great impact in my life, and let them know that they are never forgotten!
Demoree (&Brian)




Gail (&Brian)&Charlotte

Danielle (&Andrew)
Ellen (&Ed)
Adam & Leslie

Sarah & Ryan


  1. Whew, I have tears in my eyes as I miss them too and so many more. Life is good, but stretches us.

  2. Aww, Suzanne! your friendship means SO much to me. I miss you already!! Xoxo

  3. Some good memoris with some of these folks!

  4. This post hit me straight to my heart. I've been there too... I've moved so many times in my life I have lost count by now. And just like you said it made me who I am today... but sometimes, who I am today isn't really that good. =(

  5. I didn't move as a kid (once from in town to 8 miles out), so it made it hard to go to college and say goodbye. The blessing is that I have been able to improve pieces of lots myself based on the strengths of all those friends.