Friday, August 10, 2012

Whatnot: Operation- Project $0

We've established that I hate spending money, right?  Hate may be too strong a word; struggle, dislike, insanely fearful of not being able to swim in my silo of gold coins in the bank (wait, I'm not Scrooge McDuck? ohhhhh)

When you have three kids and have decreased your personal pay (because we are not even going to discuss the cost of having them all in even part time child care) every penny seems to count just a little more.  You can't just say - 'Nope, I'm not buying you diapers this week' or 'hmmm - none of your clothes fit, but that's ok, you can just be Naked Baby in the PA winter'.  Sadly, there are NEEDS of your children that must override your own desire to spend as little moolah as possible.

But I have skills - Mad Skilz, yo (oh, I'm not a 90's rap star? wow this is just a post full of self disappointment).  I can draw with my toes - hmmmm, the art market is down due to the economy.  I can sing - but not nearly good enough to win any money on The AmericanVoiceIdolFactor - that isn't all the same show? pshhhh now you are just pulling my leg.  I can change three diapers in under 3minutes - but sadly, there is no gold medal for that.  I can sew, but - wait, I CAN SEW!!!!!

Thus begins Project: Operation $0

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Mission: to spend as close to $0 on the boy's fall/winter wardrobe (shoes will be the Achilles heel I fear, but that is why I say 'as close')
Plan of attack: Make at least 10 shirts, 4 pairs of pants, 2 sweaters, and 2 suits (ok, the last one makes even me giggle - I'm going to make a suit, for two not quite 2year olds????  BWAHAHAHAHAH - I laugh because suits typically take measuring, fitting and tailoring, have we met my boys?)
Weapons: My old beat up Bernina, a very small fabric stash, and a large pile of unwanted/unwearable used clothes from the closet of myself, my husband, and my dear friends.
Deadline(because nothing in my life is accomplished without a deadline): October 1st (because that is essentially the start of fall, and if I am making these clothes they are going to wear them for AT LEAST two full seasons (fall/winter)

-If you would like to join me on this endeavor, simply let me know by leaving a comment.  Feel free to link to your own projects in the comments section (sorry, new to blogging so no linky/flicker/etc... at this point, if I figure it out I'll let you know***Update, flicker group link at end of post).  I will highlight things that are inspirational along the way.
*You can participate by making one item, a collection, or an entire wardrobe.  The only guideline is to try to use fabrics/notions you already have.

-Hold me to account!!!  If I post a project and don't show you my hem or finished waistline, CALL ME OUT!!!  I am bad about not always completing the finishing details, and these need to be WEARABLE clothes.

Think I can do it?????

***There are a few key reasons this MIGHT be possible.  A: my mother loves to buy the boys clothes here and there as gifts.  Thus they already have a couple of play wear sets, a few long sleeved t's, and their winter coats for this year.  B: we have this totally awesome local store called Kid2Kid that buys and sells used kids clothes.  I sold back some of the boys stuff from last year and made enough to walk away with 2 pairs of dark rinse jeans, 3 dress shirts, 1 argyle sweater (that will become a pattern), 1 sweater hoodie (that will become a pattern), and one sweatshirt hoodie (that might become a pattern) without spending a dime.  I have a few more things to sell back and a little credit left - so hopefully I can translate that to winter shoes.  C:  I have the best friends and family around!!! I have a few friends who have given me hand me downs for the boys (and some pants from the spring still fit and will work for fall before it gets too cold).  And both my mother and friend, Erin, have given me clothing destined for Goodwill - not everything will work as an upcycle/refashion, but a lot of it will!!!

Why don't we live in a world of trade anymore???  I'l barter my photography for half a cow!!!

***Although this is a challenge to save money, I am also doing it because I LOVE a challenge, I love to sew, and I love the prospect of accomplishing something over the next two months that has the potential to help grow my skills and stretch my creativity!

Who's With Me???

***UPDATE: flicker group now available to show off your creations


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  1. Yea - you go girl! ROAR!!! You won't catch me sewing (at least not yet - although with the trashiness of girls clothes it may not be too long before I may need instructions! I haven't sewn since 7th grade!!!) If I run across anything that can be repurposed for fabric, I will gladly send it your way. And I can ask how it's going...I like accountability as well.

    1. perfect!!! And if you ever do want to sew - I can teach you... ;o)

  2. Hey Suzy-Q, I'm in. Not like my kids REALLY need more least I don't know for sure until I go through them lol. What kinds of fabric do you need?

    1. I e-mailed you too, but ANYTHHING is the simple answer ;o)

  3. I am sure you can do it, Suzanne! I can't wait to see your boys wearing their new clothing!

    1. Erin, you will see it, and see it, and see it!!!! Your contributions are the most heavily used so far!