Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wondering: Saying Goodbye

Recently we have had a rash amount of saying goodbye.  Some goodbyes are harder than others.

The boys favorite local Auntie moved away.  Sweet Aboye, I will miss you my friend, you made such an impact on my life and the life of my children.  But, I shall think of you every time I paint my nails another glorious shade from the collection you left behind for me to treasure.
Since a picture shows a thousand words and all:

And we finally were able to place Napoleon (the cat) at PAWS.  This was a hard decision and a long time coming, but necessary for the health and sanity of us all.  He was our first baby...

 From being just a baby to meeting the new babies, his life altered vastly.  It was at this moment that he realized he was no longer the center of our whole universe.

with the wonderful people at PAWS
*You can follow Napoleon's status here:
The boys don't seem too upset, but they at times wander the house saying 'meow, MEOW?' and looking at me as if to ask - 'Hey where'd that furry thing go?'

With saying goodbye comes saying hello; hello to new opportunities, to new neighbors at the park, and to a new month of my baby girl's life. (4 months already!?!?!)

Tears and smiles will forever be mixed in the forward moving journey of life.

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