Monday, June 17, 2013

Romper Week!!!

It is Romper Week over at Sewing Mama RaeAnna and I'm linking up ;o)

Romper Week

I of course HAD to make Elegance and Elephant's new Playsuit Romper - first of all it is a pattern by Heidi (and she is amazing) and second of all it is FREEEEEEEE!  (did I mention she is amazing?  Cause who just gives away a detailed romper pattern in sizes 12m-9yr????).

This one is modeled on my adorable niece!  But that means I need to make another one for baby girl ;o)

Lets talk about rompers for a moment... They are the perfect play outfit.  There is no shirt to ride up when you slide down a slide; no diaper sticking out when you bend over to explore the wonders of dirt, mulch and grass; no indecent exposure of a shirt riding up when you are being picked up and cuddled in mama's arms.  Rompers are just great.  There are a ton of romper options out there... and it hit me the other day at the park that I really need to sew up a whole set - 'cause right now baby girl has NONE. 'But wait - Suzanne, what about that gorgeous creation you made form Peek-a-boo's Adelaide Romper?'   Well friends, baby girl just keeps on growing and that one was a little too short in the rise for her so it got sent home with her other cousin who has a more petite build... I'd rather someone get some more wear out of it!!!  So I need to get on making a romper for my girl.

But here's my niece enjoying hers:

Go Check out all the other awesome rompers at SewingMamaRaeAnna!


  1. Yay!!! She is so cute! Did you get pictures with all 3 matching outfits?

    1. yep - I just need to look through them and edit one or two - three toddlers is not so easy ;op

  2. SOOOOOOO CUTE! Seriously, Suzanne, you have a way of making every pattern look great! Thank you for making mine and sharing it!

  3. What a great romper! I love the solid color on bottom! Thanks for sharing!

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