Monday, June 3, 2013

Baby got Back...

I was so excited when RaeAnna of Sewing Mama RaeAnna allowed me to test her bloomers pattern: The Sweet and Simple Bloomers - she didn't care that I couldn't get to them right away, or that she had to wait to see them until I could create the vision in my mind of a top that should go with them.  Eventually, I got it all done ;o)

First lets talk about the adorable bloomers.  These are the simplest thing in the world to make - no lie.  If my machine hadn't decided to die mid waistband, I would have had these knocked out in about 20 minutes (including cutting time).  I love that they are just a basic bloomer - they will go with any dress, any tunic top, any shirt or onesie - or all by themselves for that matter.

look at that little belly and those chunky thighs!

You can then add embellishments to your heart's content - I added bows!  I can also envision myself adding lace trim, ruffles to the butt, or even some rhinestone bling... well maybe not, but you never know ;op

Part of what makes this pattern easy is that it is only two pieces - right side and left side.  The legs and waist have casings for elastic which makes the fit comfy and forgiving - they wont grow out of these overnight!  I made mine out of cotton; but I can just as easily imagine them out of knit for comfy play, satin for dressy occasions, and a thin light weight flannel for summer PJ's.  So many options!

Look at that cute little tushie!!!

Once I had my little bloomers done I knew that I wanted a tunic top that would show them off.  Open back seamed the perfect option.  The dilemma is that I don't currently own an open back pattern - that needs to be remedied.  I had a vision in my head of what I wanted and couldn't quite find it - I have no problem adapting a pattern, but I also knew the vision in my head would be simple enough to make on my own.  I found this image of a vintage pattern on pinterest and my fate was set.

Found Here

Not too shabby of a free hand knock off  - I think Heidi would be proud ;o)

If I make this again I am going to widen the bottom of the back panel and change the curve a bit, but overall I am so happy with it.  I used ready made bias tape which made the project lickity-split!  And of course the pocket, which is lined,  has a center pleat,  and is bound in more bias tape - and of course finished with a cute bow to match the shorts.  I can't quite decide if I love the small ruffle or wish I had gone with a wider ruffle.
So what do we think of this little creation?

More of the cuteness:

I'ma gonna run....

maybe this way....
maybe that way...

you can't catch me....

.... but I'ma gonna getcha!

The bloomers just released today - don't miss out!!!!


  1. Adorable! Love the color combo! It certainly helps to have such a beautiful supermodel to show it off. :)

  2. Thanks Olga - she pretty much does think she is queen of the world ;op

  3. What a fun outfit! And I love the toothy grin! Too cute!

  4. I LOVE IT SO CUTE!!!! OUTFIT & BABY. I like the ruffle like you have it but a wider would be cute also it might make it hard for crawlers, they will get tangled up. So maybe for little ones just walking the wider ruffle would be better. Just my thought!!!! Linda