Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone - I hope that you had a wonderful time with your family and friends and that your days were merry and bright ;o)

I made it under the wire with my handcrafted Christmas - well about 99%   I had my mom's casserole carrier complete and just needed to add the velcro - the last step, and one of the easiest... but where oh where did the velcro go???  Don't you hate that, when you have something in your hand one day -set it aside for later - and when later comes you can't find it!!!  Gah - I seriously need a better system of organization, or some kind of system of organization.  You neat and clean crafter/sewers would cringe to see my sewing space.  I work in a system of piles.  This pile is fabrics I may want to use soon, that pile is projects in some form of assembly, and those ten piles over there are my 'stash' -hahahah.  And then it isn't exactly cordoned off from the kids, so my husband is constantly trying to 'help' me by moving sharp and dangerous items out of their reach - which creates the daily 'where is my seam ripper' hunt.

But out of my chaos comes beauty - both in sewing and life I think.

So anyway, my mom returned her almost completed present (which I did wrap and give to her) with some velcro from her -much more organized- stash, so that I can finish it tonight.

I'm also starting the final details and finishing touches of look one for PR&P today.  I can't wait to share my finished projects with you all - and the stories of how they came to be (yeah there is a reason that I have been in a daily hunt for the seam ripper ;op).

The New Year is right around the corner and I think 2013 has great things in store!!!  

4 of the 7 sets of PJ's that were gifts this year - not a great pic, but the winter kiddos all have matching pants and the 3 boy cousins got t-shirts with an appliqued polar bear from the pants fabric. *Yep - the photographer didn't remember to take any of her 4 cameras to Christmas, so photo credit goes to
Uncle Art ;op 

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